End of 5/3/1 Cycle 2: February 25th to March 1st

Workout 2013.02.25 Monday

5/3/1 2.IV.B (Deadlift) (Deload)

Weigh-In: 212.5

“If you want to lose weight, eat less! Not less protein, fool! Less fat and carbs.”

Shoulder Mobility
Jump Rope 3 x 50
KB Swing, 24 KG, 3 x 8
Lower leg mobility

5 x 135
5 x 170
5 x 200

10 min moderate pace (2492 meters)

Chin-Up 10 x 1 x purple band assist
Push-Up 10 x 4
DB Row 10 x 4 x Each Arm x 25 lb DB w/ FatGripz

Workout 2013.02.27 Wednesday

5/3/1 — 2.IV.C (Bench) DELOAD

Weigh-In: 209.5

Shoulder Mobility
Jump Rope 3 x 50
Russian Box Step Ups 3 x 8
Lower Body Mobility

10 x 45
5 x 85 (45%+)
5 x 105 (55%+)
5 x 120 (65%+)

Chin-Ups 5 x 2 x purple band assist
TGUs 5 x 6 (alternating arms) x 35 lb KB
(3 min intervals)

8 rounds: 40 meter suicides (10, 20, 30, 40) @ 90 second intervals

Workout 2013.03.01 Friday

5/3/1 — 2.IV.D (Squat) (Deload)

Weigh-In: 206.5


(Coming off another fast.)

Shoulder mobility
KB Clean and Press 3 x 6 x each arm x 35 lb KB
Jump Rope 3 x 60

Squat Deload
10 x 45
5 x 105
5 x 130
5 x 155

Push-Ups 5 x 8
DB Row 5 x 7 x each arm x 30 lb DB w/ FatGripz
(3 min interval)

“Just being here means everything today.”

something new…

My Summer Surf Safari 2012 is over. It was four fun training weeks and one play week. All went just about according to plan (I did miss 1/12 of the workouts, though); close enough! as far as training results and body recomposition goes. I am satisfied.

And now I begin a new semester at work, and a new season in the gym, healthy, whole, motivated, and excited for something new.

What’s new is the following.

(a) Zach Bijese is taking over my strength programming. I will continue to program auxiliary lifting and conditioning for myself but I have committed to following Zach for a season. Zach has promised to help me reach my goal of a 300+ lb squat, so, I am looking forward to giving him the chance.

(b) Periodization scheme is as follows. I am still going to be using four week “cycles,” with one week “play” weeks between cycles. These are my “mesocycles.” My macrocycles are clusters of mesocycles. The large-cycle I am working on right now is 19 weeks (4 x 4 weeks, plus 3 “play” weeks) and will continue from today, Sunday Aug 5th, until Saturday Dec. 15th, 2012; the entire 19 weeks is given over to Zach’s strength programming, so, the “play” in play weeks is limited just to what I decide to add or take away from Zach’s plan. I have asked him to respect my need for occasional breaks from hardcore training… but… he’s the coach and… “Bulgaria!” as we are fond of randomly shouting at Asheville Strength and Conditioning.

(c) New Body Recomposition goals are as follows. I am done trying to lose weight for now, in fact, probably for the next 16 months. I am willing to gain weight and go up to 210 lbs by my 45th birthday, in January 2014. I plan to gain between 0.5 and 1 lb of mass per month, while holding waist and caliper measures steady, or while improving these measures. Each “cycle” has a target average daily weigh-in, so I will sometimes need to eat more, sometimes less, to make those numbers. For the first mesocycle of the current macrocycle my target average weigh in is 201, which is (+/- 2 lbs) already where I am, so, all I have to do is eat to recover and to maintain or lean out. Longer term, my goal is to maintain an average of 202 in cycle II (Sep. 9th to Oct 6th), 203 in cycle III (Oct 14th to Nov. 10th) and 204 by the fourth of the mesocycles (Nov. 17th to Dec. 15th). It doesn’t matter what happens in the play weeks, because the target average of the following cycle is what it is, and so, if I have to “lose” weight or bloat going into a month, that’s just what I’ll do. Then in 2013, over a 12 month period, I will probably increase the target weight by a scant 0.5 lbs per month. I may scrap this whole plan if my waist starts to bloat up or my skin-caliper measures “go south.”

That is all!

the last days of Surfing Safari 2012

The final days of our summer trip to Arch Cape were a whirlwind of family and friends… and daily surfing or paddling expeditions. There’s no way to summarize them except in the most cursory way.

Thursday, July 26th. Surfing in mid-AM with Ben Walsh at Indian Beach. It was semi-clean, 3-4 ft waves, WNW. Decent time for a mid-day surf.

Friday, July 27th. Surfing in early AM with Sean McEnroe and Ben Walsh at Indian Beach. A bit later than the previous day. Small, but clean. Fun. Ben took the Big Blue Flame Linden, Sean the 8′ Blue Linden, and I was back on my Super Ugly. I love that board. Later in the afternoon… what a perfect day it was, with low winds and sunny weather… super small waves and clean surface. A few of us took turns paddling out on the kayak out in front of the house. Super fun. I went in just my shorts, crocks, hat and sunglasses. I did flip the ‘yak in a wave near the rocks at Arch Cape but it was no big deal. I even managed to retrieve my hat and glasses from the waves… no problem. :-) I am over my fears about ocean kayaking. Friday afternoon was so gorgeous I ended up hanging out with the family on the beach, digging sandcastles and playing… I could not be bothered to hit my final training session of the training cycle! Barbell Gods forgive me; this was supposed to be a vacation and I took a day off training.

I can’t remember for sure if we went out on Saturday July 28th or not. As I recall it was a situation of “no waves at all” and I called it off at about 6:00 am, and went back to bed. It was a lazy day later on, with visits from the Shipleys and DK with George. Also, my folks arrived.

That Saturday was the last day of my 4 week training cycle… and on Sunday, my “play week” began. I was feeling good about how active I’d been in the last week. Something nearly every day.

Normally Sundays are rest days for me, but this was a surfing safari, so, on the first day of “play week,” on Sunday morning, July 29th, at a pretty low tide, Sean and I went out, he on the kayak, and me on the Big Blue Flame, taking off right out of Arch Cape, and paddling south around the cape into Falcon Cove. Although the swell was down to flat, there were some small rollers in Falcon Cove and we both managed to ride both kayak and board (we switched, half way through) and felt pretty badass for making the 400 meter paddle south and back to check it out.

Monday morning, July 30th, Sean and I did a repeat of the prior day’s surf adventure, this time joined by my Dad, who is 69 years old. What a trooper! He stayed on his Big Blue Flame Linden, then switched to the Kayak, which he seemed to enjoy. Sean stayed on the Super Ugly the whole time and said it did him well. There was less to ride in the way of surf than on Sunday, but it was still fun making the paddle into Falcon Cove. Monday afternoon, feeling kicked from all the activity, and overly surrounded by too many family and friends, I again skipped my planned workout. Anyway, I HAD worked out… just by paddling and surfing. I justified this to myself as an acceptable thing to do during a “play week” where I also happened to be at the beach.

Tuesday afternoon, July 31st, we took the family down for a high-tide mid-day session at Shorties. This was mediocre surfing at best (2 ft. SW swell at 19 seconds… i.e. almost flat). To make things worse, the kids and wives had a horrible time. It was one of the most beautiful days, but the North winds had kicked back up… first time in days… and they didn’t enjoy the mini sandstorms that each gust brought.

Wednesday morning, August 1st, I thought about going out alone. It was a super early morning super low tide, still no waves at all, and the prior day’s N wind had kicked up the surface into a chop. And it was gray. At about 6:30 am I looked out at the shallow waters, choppy surface, gray skies, and flat waves and decided I could deal with being done with surfing for the summer. I suppose I might have worked in a workout on Wednesday, but I didn’t… I let the prior day’s surfing session stand in for that… again justifying it as acceptable during a play week… and also in view that I had to clean up the beach house and travel. I spent all day cleaning, then drove to PDX, said goodbye to Mom and Dad, and flew out of the state.

Alas! All things, good and bad, must come to an end.

summer solstice 2012 four week wrap up

Four weeks ago I announced a new plan for training and body recomposition, which I initially viewed as a “challenge” cycle (see “new four week cycle: summer solstice 2012″ from May 27th). I had great ideas for dietary self discipline in there, including: daily IF, weekly 22 hour fast, whole-foods Michael Pollan style eating, low alcohol, and more sleep. But I failed to keep to all of those ideas. At least I didn’t gain a lot of weight. Diet wise, the cycle turned out to be more of a regular old “maintenance” period.

Shorter Training Cycles: Thumbs Up

On the bright side, I did complete almost all aspects of my training plan and I feel good about it.

Having just finished this four week cycle, I can report at least some positive results. First off, I should say that I love love love my new approach to programming! It feels much more respectful to my aging body and easily distracted mind. I am speaking, of course, of my latest idea to keep training cycles short, and to optionally take rest or play weeks between cycles (see “the idea of a shorter training cycle”, also from May 27th).

By the end of four weeks of 3x per week of strength, auxiliary work, and conditioning, i.e. about 12 workouts and probably 9 conditioning sessions, I was burned out. But it was so meaningful and helpful to know that I could take a week of playing around if I wanted to (and would do so), and then would also be changing up my training routine for the next cycle.

I can stay focused on training for four weeks. I can make measurable gains. Then rest and recover, if needed. And then move on to something new, without losing sight of my larger goals, and benefiting physically and mentally from changing up the routine.

Summer Solstice 2012: Notes On The Work

My Numbers from May 27th to June 23rd, 2012
Summer Solstice 2012, The Data

My work this month was pretty good. I started out with a plan to drop about 7 pounds of fat, to move my body from 202 lbs (on the first day) to 195 lbs (on the last), but THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN. Basically, I flubbed the “challenge” part of the plan. I cheated, broke IF windows, and didn’t eat the vegetable heavy diet that I originally thought was so important. I also drank way more often than planned (3-4 times per week instead of 1). So, the challenge aspect died. Instead, I found myself settling for a quick “weight-loss” of about 2.5 pounds, and thereafter, maintenance.

Here are the numbers, etc., from the notes file I was keeping during the program:

Week I totals:

Highest Squat 230 (Total vol/reps/average: 3340/21/159)
Highest Deadlift 315 (3030/14/216)
Highest Powerclean 72kg (158.73 lbs)
Burpee Volume Total: 105 reps
Chin-Up Volume Total: 24 reps
Dips Volume Total: 15 reps
Press Weight and Reps: 70 lbs (2 x 35 lbs KBs) x 54 reps = 3,780 lbs.
Start weight (Sun): 202
End weight (Sat): 199
Average weight: 199.57
Dietary notes: kept to plan for the most part. Drank only on Memorial day.

Week II totals:

Highest Squat 235 (Total volume/reps/average: 3530 lbs/19/185)
Highest Deadlift 325 (5170/24/215)
Highest Powerclean 73kg (160.93 lbs)
Burpee Volume Total 3 x 5 x 8 reps = 120 reps
Chin-Up Volume Total: 22 reps. (-2 vs. week 1)
Dips Volume Total: 23 reps. (+8 vs. week 1)
Press Weight and Reps: 70 lbs (2 x 35 lbs KBs) x 11 sets x 7 reps = 5,390 lbs
Start weight (Sun): 200
End weight (Sat): 198
Average weight: 199.71
Dietary notes: got off track with IF at various times. Ate late into evening on 3 nights. Had some bites of processed foods and a taco lunch (tortillas, chips, etc.). Had a tremendous cheat night on Thursday. Did drink alcohol Thursday (Beer and Wine), Friday (Beer) and Saturday too (Liquor).

Week III totals:

Highest Squat 240 (vol/reps/avg: 3025/16/189)
Highest Deadlift: 345 (3495/15/233)
Highest Powerclean: 76 kg (167.55, less than 2.5 lbs from PR)
Burpee Total Volume: 3 x 5 x 9 = 135 reps
Dips Volume: 8 + 10 + 9 = 27 reps (+4 vs. week 2, +12 vs. week 1)
Chins Volume: 8 + 8 + 9 = 25 reps (+3 vs. week 2, +1 vs. week 1)
Press Weight and Reps: 70 lbs (2 x 35 lbs KBs) x 9 sets x 8 reps = 5,040 lbs.
Start weight (Sun): 201.5 (+1.5 lbs from week 2, -0.5 lbs from week 1)
End weight (Sat): 200.0 (+2 lbs from week 2, +1 lbs from week 1)
Average weight: 199.64
Dietary notes: not too bad the first half of week. Fasted a long day from Sat to Sun. Kept regular IF schedule Mon and Tue. Mostly good quality, non processed foods, but had Pizza for dinner on Sunday. Had alcohol on Tuesday evening, and ice cream too; also Wednesday. Alcohol again on Saturday evening… a lot. And cheated with crappy foods Friday and Saturday nights. The numbers don’t lie. In spite of pulling my average daily weigh in down slightly this week, the numbers probably show I’ve gained about a pound over the past three weeks, or they show that I’ve been eating very close to isocalorically.

Week IV totals:

Highest Squat 245 (vol: 3,125; 16 reps; avg: 195)
Highest Deadlift 325 (failed on 355) (but much higher volume: 6100/24/254)
Highest Powerclean: 78kg (PR!)
Burpee Total Volume: 2 x 5 x 10 = 100 reps. Skipped third day.
Dips Volume: 12 + 9 = 21. Skipped third day.
Chins Volume: 10 + 8 = 18. Skipped third day.
Press Weight and Reps: 3 x 3 x 9 x 35 lbs KBs ( 70 lbs) = 5,670 lbs
Start weight (Sun): 201 (-0.5 lbs from week 3, -1 lbs from week 1)
End weight (Sat): 200 (0 lbs from week 3, +1 lbs from week 1
Average weight: 199.86
Dietary notes: started off on Sunday in a bad place, hung over and overstuffed from the previous day. Ate light all day. IF’d into Monday. Monday did huge breakfast, skipped lunch, good dinner, but cheat eating into the night. Tuesday did bulletproof coffee, skipped breakfast and lunch, good dinner, alcohol, IF’d into Wednesday. Wednesday bulletproof coffee… ate light on Thursday and kept IF; bulletproof fasted most of Friday too.

As you can see from this, I managed to keep my average weight below that of my weekend weight. Basically what happened was that I lost control of myself on Fridays and Saturdays and tended to undo the good work I had done during the week.

One of the numbers that I didn’t keep track of in these notes was skinfold measure. This actually improved slightly during the month (see table above). But I think my love handles must have been growing, because my waist did not improve.

If I had kept more carefully to my eating plan and had SLEPT MORE, I think I would have been able to document better progress in improving body composition. Instead, I maintained.

Lifting wise, I did not accomplish as much as I wanted to, but I felt like I pushed myself hard and helped to build a foundation for pushing into the next cycle. I did get one true PR, on the last day of the cycle, when I pulled a 78 kilo power clean.

I can do better, and will, during the next cycle.

week seven last week wrap up

I decided to end my current eight week cycle one week early, at the end of week 7, and to take the next week as a rest week, not an 8th week or a 1st week, and so not subject to a specific training cycle or plan. A week off.

This recap will look back on the entire mess and see where I’ve come and what I’ve done.

Seven Weeks of “Training”

Training wise this cycle was a bummer. It began on April 1st, and my first day of training was April 2nd. But I injured my back right on the first Monday of week four, on April 23rd. After that I abandoned all the carefully devised plans I had for deadlift and squat and auxiliary lifting, and resorted to light weights, high reps, and short workouts. I am probably weaker in my main lifts after seven weeks of this bullcrap. But I can positively attest to greater shoulder strength and stability and much greater capacity in burpees. So there’s that.

Seven Weeks of “Body Recomposition”

The goal laid out for this training cycle was to establish and maintain an average weight of 195 lbs and to improve skinfold and waist measures at that weight. That did not end up happening. The results were GOOD, though, so it is hard to be angry. My average skinfold measure improved from an average of 10mm in week 1, to an average 8mm in weeks 6 and 7. This means that my overall body fat % went down, which is an unalloyed positive. On the other hand my average weight each week has moved from 196.5 at the first week, to a low of 195.5 in the third week, to a high of 198.0 in the sixth and seventh weeks. So I have gained weight and remain three pounds above my target weight. My average waist measure has not improved. In week I the average was about 36.4″ and in week VI and VII it was about 36.5″. I wish I could bring it down (because that would mean reduction in size of my love handles!) but I haven’t yet.

That’s all I have to say with respect to the end of this training cycle. Out with a whimper.

week six recap

Week VI of my 8 week training cycle was… weird. It was finals week, my last week of the term, starting with exams, continuing with grading, and ending with graduation. As a college professor, my life is naturally broken into cycles, and, I need to learn to build my training schedule around them, because, as I saw this week, these kinds of transition periods really hammer my routine and my resolution.

Body Recomposition: My average weight bumped up by two pounds (to 198 lbs) as I ate off plan, abandoned IF, and drank more than I should. And slept less. My waist also balooned (to an average of 36.5″, up by 1/4″). Skinfold remained unchanged (at 8mm). So I was bloated and inflamed, obviously, and not recovering well. I saw a high point of 200 lbs during the week and had only two days at the low, 196. Saturday morning I woke up with a resolution in mind to fast and get myself back on track, which I proceeded to do. So, at least the week ended with my wresting control back from the capricious “id” that had taken control of my behavior.

Training: I’m still nursing that injured back. This makes three full weeks of disrupted training. Not that I didn’t do nothing… as the blog attests. This week actually had an extra training day in it — I completed a swim workout on Tuesday! First in a long time. That was fun. Swimming on Tuesdays will be a regular feature of my week going forward in the weeks ahead. I also had a very active Thursday (doing work around the house and yard); so active, in fact, that my strained back flared up mightily by the evening and was still sore on Friday. I had done some good conditioning during the week, and felt ok about everything, but by Friday I was spent and drained and… that was it. My workout didn’t go far beyond what I call “warm-up” and my “rehab” work.

Starting to look forward to finishing out this current cycle and shifting gears in the next, especially since this particular eight week stretch really didn’t go as planned, what with an “injury” stopping me from heavy lifting during its second half. I have some good thoughts about where I’m going next, though, so, yeah.

after fifth week

Currently I am slogging my way through an 8 week training and body recomposition cycle, and just finished the fifth week. But I am starting to regret not simply cancelling my current cycle after injuring my back on the first workout day of week four. Because since that day, Monday, April 23rd, things have not gone great. My body recomposition plan has continued on without the benefit of being able to do my full strength and conditioning plan, but it has also been hindered by my discomfort and the general malaise that pain brings. I haven’t stopped exercising but I’ve stopped training. And I haven’t abandoned my goals in either training or body recomposition but I am more or less holding steady in the latter while I undoubtedly have regressed in training over the past month or more since I was already engaged in a reset — i.e. working with weights well below PR territory — when I injured myself and have now, I’d wager, lost real strength.

Injury: the injury to my back, now almost two weeks old, is already taking longer to recover from than I’d hoped and is starting to cause me real concern. I have not considered the possibility that this is an *orthopedic* injury… God forbid. I pray that it is not. I felt much better on Monday after doing some light squats at high reps, and chin-ups, so, maybe, I should do more of those. The romanian deadlift work I did on Wednesday either didn’t help or actually hurt. And the sandbag runs I did on Friday definitely hurt. So those are OUT going forward. Also, I’ve neglected soft tissue work in the second half of this week and really need to get after my back with a lacrosse ball and foam roller every day.

Exercise: the best I can say about this week is the following: I made my target numbers on burpees bringing the week’s total to 90; Wedensday’s workout made my glutes and hams sore as heck on Thursday, and my forearms got a blistering workout from the FatGripz and Fat Bar; and I got in my chin-ups on Monday with two more reps than I had the previous Wednesday. The injury is holding me back and I will need to change up my program again in the remaining 3 weeks of this cycle in order to baby my back. During the coming week, in addition to light high rep squats, look for me to note doing back-targeted floor work and calisthenics and mobility work.

Body Recomposition: average daily weight was up slightly this week, to 196.4 lbs, but overall, statistically, it has been flat through all five weeks of the current cycle, since it started out at 196.5 and has never fallen below 195.6 or gone above 197. The average weight for 5 weeks has been 196.3 and so I have stayed within a standard deviation of plus or minus .7 lbs, which is nothing. On the other hand, the evidence clearly suggests I’ve lost fat and gained muscle in this time, since my average skinfold measure dropped this week to 8mm, down from 10mm in week 1 and prior weeks (this suggests a reduction of BF % by 2% or more!). That tells me my plan is working. My average waist measure was up very slightly this week to 36.24 (from 36.17) but, besides being nearly “flat,” this is also down by 1/4″ to 1/2″ over the past five weeks. So things are looking good in the BR area… although it’s hard to take pleasure in it when I am hurting too badly to deadlift.

week ten wrap up (plateau)

After ten weeks of my twelve week training cycle, I’m looking at a bit of a plateau in the body recomposition, and I’m trying to decide whether I have a stall, a setback, or a normal epicycle in my training. I think only time will tell.

Training: I did hit one new PR this week, taking me closer to one of my two training goals. DL 5 x 340. But it wasn’t like what I want. More on that later. Squatting, all I can say is, it’s been two full training weeks since I switched to the safety squat bar, and I love it. But maybe only because I took weight off the bar. Monday is still my heavy day, and although my workout on Monday the 12th was way below my 5 rep max, it was up 20 lbs over the previous week and my total volume is way up. I’m making progress but not like what I’d like.

Body Recomposition: if there is one, the real plateau is in my body recomposition efforts. Basically, not to crunch too many numbers here, I’m doing somewhere between ‘flat’ and ‘ok.’ I had a decent, low weigh in on Saturday morning of week ten, in fact, the lowest on record. But my average weight for the week was actually up from week nine. Yet… the truth is that my average weight has been in a tight range of 200.2 to 200.8 for a month. In other words, flat. There’s no statistically significant change in my weight over the past month. On the other hand, my average waist measurement is down by 1/2 inch in that same one month period (from 37.55 to 37.05). Which seems great, until you realize that my average skinfold measure is totally flat too, where it’s been stuck at 13 for three weeks. I’ll choose to be encouraged by the low Saturday weigh in and the smaller waist measurement to think that all the numbers are going to improve more soon. Especially if I make an effort to tighten up my eating schedule and my diet. Which I’m going to do. Short time… two weeks to go on my 12 week cycle.

Of course, when 12 weeks are up, it just starts again, with new goals… or maybe with the same goals.

week six wrap

As of Sautrday, Feb. 18 I completed my sixth week of 2012’s first, 12 week training cycle. I can report mixed success for the start of 2012, in spite of injuries, illnesses, set backs, what have you, I have been making tangible progress on my two main areas of concern, training and body recomposition.

Training: I took a pause from doing “work” in week six and tested my one rep in deadlift, squat, and press. I set two new PRs in the two lifts for which I have a concrete goal. I pulled 1 x 375 in the deadlift on Wednesday, a massive +45 lb PR and putting me within 25 lbs of my overall goal of pulling 400 lbs. (Of course, I won’t be satisified until I actually pull 405, “four wheels”). On Friday I pushed 1 x 275 in the squat, only a +5 lb PR over the past 6 weeks but an important step towards a 300 lbs, or 1.5 x B.W. squat. I also came within 5 lbs of my 1 RM in the shoulder press, hitting 1 x 120, not bad considering I took months off of pressing after breaking my arm and that my right shoulder is screwed up (and that I’m a pencil neck geek). The lifts give me an implied “CrossFit Total” of 770. I will re-test during week 12. One concern is, I was feeling so spent by the end of the week (see last post) that I actually was contemplating taking it easy or not training at all during week seven. Between fatigue and right shoulder pain… ugh. But this morning, I feel good enough to think about staying the course.

Body Recomposition: week to week, Saturday of week five I weighed in 1/2 lb less than I did on Saturday of week six, 199 vs. 199.5. But the overall trend is in the right direction. My average weight in week four was 206.1, in week five it was 202.14, and in week six it was 201.64. My average suprailiac skinfold measure in week five was 13, and in week six it was 12. My average waist in week four was 38.09, in week five was 37.66, and in week six was 37.46. I am definitely leaning out. I have benefited greatly from drinking much less (only on Friday and Saturday the last two weeks) and I have seen (especially in week five) how much progress I can make when I am very strict about establishing a “clear” daily fasting window. I am very motivated to be QUITE good during week VII, so, I feel confident about my progress.

Overall:I am close enough to my goal weight of 195 (as of Sunday morning weigh-in, about 7.5 lbs away) that I can start to contemplate reaching the goal well before the 12 week cycle is over (possibly within two weeks) and can, after that point, reframe my goal as maintaining weight while increasing lifting capacity, and seeing measurable improvement in leanness (e.g. decreased umbilical measure and skinfold in mm). I am also up to 91% of my goal squat weight and 93% of my goal deadlift weight. I don’t think the evidence suggests I can reach the goals in the next six weeks, but that’s immaterial (was never part of the plan). I just feel good about the numbers and I am beginning to think about the next set of training goals.

week five wrap up

Made tangible progress on both training and body recomposition goals in week five of my twelve week training cycle.

Training: it was a big week for training, including an extra session on Saturday at the Rippetoe clinic. I made a couple of PR’s. PR in Squat on Monday (5 x 255) and PR in Deadlift on Wednesday (5 x 325) both brought me a step closer to my goals. Volume PR for squatting for the week, I am sure of that.

Body Recomposition: my average weight for the week was 202.14 lbs, down from 206.1 the previous week, for an average of 4 lbs lost. I ended up the week on Saturday at 199 lbs, down 6 lbs from the previous Saturday. The average waist measurement also improved: avg. 37.66 in week 5 down from avg. 38.09 in week 4. I also began taking skinfold measures this week. The average measure hovered around 13 mm (location is the right suprailiac). (The charts I have estimate that I am around 18-19% body fat, which actually seems a little high; almost all my visible body fat is in the love handles and belly.) I look forward to seeing the trend in this number in the coming weeks.

The reason for this week’s success in body recomposition is simple: I didn’t drink in the evenings except on Friday and Saturday. And I skipped sugar and desserts. I kept my eating windows clean and my fasting windows were tight. I fasted a minimum of 14 hours each day, with two 18 hour fasts during the week. The usual practice was no food from 6:00 pm to 8:00 am (with training, of course, from 5:00 am to 7:00 am, in a fasted state, with BCAAs). Basically, everything went according to PLAN, and more importantly, the plan gave me RESULTS.

Keep the plan the plan, keep the goal the goal.