week second same as the first

Second Week of my new eight week cycle … it went ok.

Training: Training this week was entirely according to plan. I added weight, I did my reps; got that work in. Every set was completed except for the last two sets of chin-ups on Friday. Which I regret. But I was spent and out of time and they aren’t central to my goals. Speaking of goals: my deadlifts on Friday weren’t as crisp as I want them to be. My extension is still suffering, which is visible in the video. I gotta work on it. But video of my Monday deadlifts looked good. My squats were feeling weak this week. But the volume I’m doing is outrageous. So. I’m going to stick with my plan but beginning with the next cycle I have to try something new. No PRs in sight anywhere. But the plan is the plan and I’m sticking with it.

Body Recomposition: With my parents in town, and my little girl’s birthday this weekend, my diet has been sub-optimal. But not entirely so. Not all indicators were off. Average weight was about 2 lbs above my target weight and about 1/2 pound above week 1, at 197. Average umbilical circumference was very slightly up (bloating, I’d guess) to just over 36.5″. But my average skinfold measure was actually down, to 9mm. Something is working. Probably the increased conditioning. Overall I’m feeling optimistic and like the progress is tangible but I’d still like to get down to my target weight and maintain it.