Cold Work

Sub 40 degrees outside, and the coaches away at a meet. Time to get cold with some outdoor parkour and calisthenics!

Grumpy Old Men

A nice little Saturday WOD in the Park with Mike P., M3, and Troy (Mike’s Sister’s friend). Sprinting and calisthenics.

Zeno’s Revenge

We meet up outside at UNCA to do “Run for your Legs,” a WOD which, at first glance, looked like it had the potential to be a CrossFit version of Zeno’s paradox. Start a clock, run 1 mile for time, only you have to stop every 2 minutes to do 20 squats. Later during the day, I overindulged quite deliberately in a cheat day that reminded me why I try to eat healthy most of the time.

Griff at UNCA Track

The gym is closed, but I do the prescribed WOD at UNCA track: the “Griff,” 800 forward / 400 backward / 800 forward / 400 backward: 13:54.

Nasty Nasty

CrossFit Asheville does Nasty Girls! Squats, Muscle-Ups, Hang Power Cleans! What more could you wish for? Tougher wrists, traps, lats, and triceps, that’s what.

Bear Country

The WOD known as “Bear Country” comes back around. 3 rounds of 5 bear complex cycles and max rep pull-ups. Also, Kip-Swings.