sick days

Wasn’t going to work out on Saturday. Because I was feeling like death. Pretty sick, really. No sleep the night before, at all. Abused in body mind and spirit.

But there I was at open gym. Alone. All alone. And although it had been a freezing morning, by about 10:00 am it was warming up, and a beautiful fall day outside. So I picked up a jumprope. It felt ok. So then I did:

Four Rounds:

100 meter Waiter’s Walk w/ 25 lb DBs, FatGripz

250 jump rope single unders

Awesome workout. But a big mistake. By Saturday night I was spent. I need to rest and get over my damn illness. It’s been more than a month with the gunk.

missing days

It would be week XII. But I missed workout A. Looks like I’ll miss workout B tomorrow AM too. It means I fall behind on my projected squat linear progression, and being a super novice, I don’t even know how to deal with that programming issue.

My doctor ruled out pneumonia. Which is good. And basically said it’s viral and there’s nothing to be done except rest, fluids, chicken soup. Rest is actually my challenge. Being sick enough to force a rest period sucks pretty bad. Advice appreciated.

Must be something I ate…

OOOF… was it the lovely dinner of fresh Dungeness crab chowder, or the bread and butter, or the homemade Ginger Ice cream, or was it the cabbage and beef ribs? or was it the remnants of the package of cultured Cottage Cheese from two weeks ago that I found in my fridge and then ate during one of my usual unconscious late night snack binges? I’d bet it’s the Cottage Cheese.

Whatever it was it turned my planned rest day into a sick day. I’ve been unable to eat, stomach totally shut down with pressure and gas and belching and nausea… and I won’t discuss further the evil flow below. TMI I know but this is my training blog and there ain’t no training or proper recovery when you feel like this. One microscopic little bacterial colony or virus, and my strong healthy body is turned into a useless, lumbering and weak structure of pain. Hopefully I’ll be back in action tomorrow, though, if it’s a virus, it may linger a bit longer.