Training Board is…

Training Board is basically my gym notebook.

In theory, I can also blog in a more public spirited way about weightlifting, nutrition, weight loss, etc. But mostly, I just use this blog to track my workouts. And surfing.

If anything I have posted seems useful to you, let me know with a comment.

About Me

I'm a level I "sports performance certified" USAW coach, and I train, and work as a trainer at Asheville Strength and Conditioning, a great little gym here in Asheville, N.C.

I work with clients who want to get strong and fit, and am especially happy with helping older or detrained individuals.

My own training now is more focused on developing strength and using basic lifts and classic strength and conditioning techniques. A lot of the older portions of this blog deal with CrossFit and reflect my journey into fitness self-awareness. I first discovered CrossFit, back in late 2008. I learned a lot from CrossFit's "fitness as sport" model of training -- and benefited tremendously from training with my friends at CrossFit Asheville -- and furthermore I must credit my interest in CrossFit for opening my eyes to the larger world of training for strength athletics, Olympic-style weightlifting, powerlifting, and other arcane approaches to moving the Iron around.

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Workouts \• May 4, 2012

friday lighter

Friday morning at the gym I was late, and pressed for time, needing to be on campus to give a final exam by 8:00 am. So I kept it short and didn’t sweat the fact that I couldn’t complete a full workout. I was insanely sore from Wednesday on Thursday, feeling beat up and wasted […]

Workouts \• April 25, 2012

rehab day 1

well, by Wednesday AM I could move. Let’s just say it hurts most when I try to put on my socks. Warm-Up: 5 minutes on the airdyne, then, agility ladder stuff. Shoulder mobility. Jumping jacks. High knees, etc. Burpees: 5 x 5 @ 60s. Surprised, but these were not a problem. Shoulder Rehab: Front deltoid […]

Workouts \• April 23, 2012

another setback

They say God laughs at those who plan. Or something. Anyway I had plans and was admiring my own unfolding plans. I should have known a setback was coming, simply because I was so excited about the apparent progress I was making. I ignored a kind of nagging, nascent pain I had in my back […]

Conditioning \• April 6, 2012

good friday

sleep/recovery I had a pretty good sleep the past two nights, and have certainly eaten well. But I drank last night (long weekend with Good Friday holiday… and my folks are in town). Weigh in this morning was 196. training/exercise Good workout to finish up training during my week 1 of 8 in the current […]

Conditioning \• April 4, 2012

good wednesday to you

sleep/recovery I was super sore, and dragging on Tuesday. Most pain felt RIGHT; upper back pulling muscles. Tried to maximize sleep Tuesday to Wednesday, with some success, although my sleep for whatever reason was not unbroken. Diet wise I was in good shape; plenty of protein for past two days, and was at about 11.5 […]

Strength Day \• February 24, 2012

work work work

Friday, I was not motivated at all. Pain in my right shoulder is getting me down. I considered changing up my plan, but decided against it. I would push through shoulder discomfort for at least one more training day and decide later whether the efforts were worth it. I was also pleasantly sore and worn […]

Strength Day \• December 28, 2011

back in PR territory on the DL

Wednesday afternoon at the MAC, I did a very low volume workout. No wonder I’ve been getting fat! I’m down to one conditioning session per week. But it was a solid training session. I tied my previous PR in the Deadlift, which felt like quite an accomplishment to me, just about exactly 24 weeks post-broken […]

Workouts \• September 30, 2011

the friday before squat camp

Week VII, Workout C Friday morning I was in the gym early. Not entirely sure what I would be doing. Normally, I’d have continued with my linear progression in squats, did my wrist/forearm rehab work, and lately, add in some light bilateral upper body work, as I test the limits of my healing left arm. […]

Health Reports \• July 28, 2011

from PR to ER

Wednesday, July 27th started out great and ended in the crapper. Worked out, got a PR. Afternoon turned beautiful. Dug a sandcastle with my kids in the sun. It was an afternoon low tide and I went pipoboarding. Everything was awesome until I fell and broke my left radius (forearm). Workout 400 meter run (50 […]

Strength Day \• July 24, 2011

sunday deads, squats, cleans, etc.

Sunday afternoon, in the driveway at “Arch Cape Strength and Conditioning,” I completed the following workout. It made me feel fat and sluggish and weak, but I did it. Almost a week had elapsed since my last barbell workout. Too much time. This workout had slightly more total volume than the last, but other than […]

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