push press PR and burpee-clean and sandbag lunges

6:00 am CFA. Warm-Up, then:

Push-Press. Rx’d as 5-5-5-3-3-3-3 but I wanted to max out my 5 rep. So: 5 x 45 / 5 x 115 / 5 x 135 / 5 x 150 (PR) / 2 x 145 (f on 3) / 3 x 135 / … done. I actually failed the 5th rep of that 5 x 150, but hung onto the bar and immediately attempted a 6th rep, which I got. So, good.

4 rounds of 45 second max rep dumbbell burpee clean, 45 seconds rest, 45 second max distance sandbag lunges (1 point per 5 feet), 45 seconds rest. 50 lb sandbag, two 30 lb DBs. Total lunge points + reps: 82.

Overhead Squat and Normandy D-Day

Another solid strength day at CFA brought me a new 3 rep PR in overhead squat and a chance to “try out” one of the individual WODs from the upcoming CrossFit Games Southeast Regionals. And then, after that, I went and had minor outpatient surgery to remove a big-ole mole on my back. A lovely morning all in all.

New Program

Training Cycle: Week 3/6 (Work Week)
No Alcohol Month 5/5
Diet: Calorie Cycling (2 days low, 1 day high), Whole/Clean/Paleo Zone w/ 2x-4x fat
Second workout of the Week


Agility ladder, stretching, calisthenics. 400 meter run (barefoot). Boz OHS warm-up.

Strength: Overhead Squat

Result: 65 x 3 / 75 x 3 / 85 x 3 / 95 x 3 / 105 x 3 (PR) / 115 x 3 (PR)

All but the last set were done using a snatch; the last I jerked up from my back after putting it on the rack.

WOD: “Normandy D-Day”

12 minute AMRAP of:
20 double unders
10 box jumps (24″)
10 sandbag lunges (50/25lbs)
We had an option of Handstand push-up buy-in (M-20,W-10). (Nobody did it during my session.) This is a slight variation to the second individual work-out for this weekend’s Southeast Regionals.

I did do this WOD using double unders, to the best of my ability. Result: 4 rounds, and 13 double unders.

Then I went off back home, and later had surgery to remove a large and ugly mole from my back. I am not sure whether I’ll be able to work out the rest of this week. Bummer.