A Little Jeremy

Two weeks out from major surgery on my leg, I do some ring dips and pull-ups, and then a modified “little Jeremy.” The focus for me right now is on rehab, not aggressive progress in training. But I was feeling the aggression today anyway! Nice.

Cycle’s End

The last WOD of the latest cycle, and it was a doozy. Weighted ring dips. And a Tabata protocol Mash-Up of Wall Ball shots (12 lbs) with box step-ups (20″), rest 3 min, then Kettlebell Swings (1.5 pood / 53 lbs) and

Progress in Muscle-Ups and Tempest

Muscle-Ups and the CFA WOD “Tempest” today (Ring Dips, One Arm K.B. Thrusters, Ball Slams, 15 min AMRAP. Progress on all fronts: down to red band assist on muscle-ups, and a 31% increase on my Tempest score from October.

Thrusters and Siete

A new 5 rep PR in Thrusters and a decent time in the Met-Con WOD “Siete,” consisting of thrusters and ring dips, make for a great workout this morning. I was feeling well rested from two days in a row of rest, and I worked hard. Today is also the beginning of a 28 hour fast.

Lost Dog, Found Dog

Troubles with dog and wife interfere with the WOD. How badly does stress impact working out? I don’t know. How badly stressed can you be?


Holy crap. My sleep is all messed up. Two nights in a row of lying in bed for a couple of hours before falling asleep, then, frequent waking, tossing, and turning. Lately I’m uncomfortable in bed. And not very “sleepy” once I lay down… no matter how tired I feel, no matter how hard it is to keep my eyes open during the late afternoons. Then, after a night like that, I get up at 4:45 am. Well. I’m running on empty. I’ve got WAAAY too much Cortisol in my life.

Anyway, I figure, if I train through this period, maybe I can get everything to settle into a working pattern.

I got up, went to the 6:00 am CrossFit Asheville class, where we did the WOD: Elizabeth.


I was late (work email shit, don’t ask). But warmed up quickly. Push-ups, sit-ups, overhead squats (all 15). One rope ascent, partially unassisted.

Strength/Skill: Single Support Deadlift

My back, glutes and hamstrings were already sore from yesterday. But no, it’s not enough. Today we worked on single support deadlifts. I worked strictly on form.

Results: 5 x each leg x 45 / 65 / 75. They are tricky and kind of fun. Good for skateboarding, cause they force you to work on ankle and leg stability.

WOD: Elizabeth

This is a classic CrossFit benchmark. I sucked. SUCKED. It was pretty awful. Was it because I am so sleep deprived and stressed out? Was it because it was my third day of training in a row? I don’t know but I wish it had felt better. I also wish I could do the ring dips unassisted. But I certainly cannot. I probably could have done the squat cleans with 95#s, but as I said to Shanna, I didn’t want to hurt myself. So I kinda wimped out. AND I was slow. Deadly combination.

21-15-9, for time:
Cleans (Full Squat)
Ring dips

Result: 75# Squat Cleans, the “mental band” (purple), total time: 13:58 (?).

Using the band was a pain in the ass. Or trunk. During the middle set, it slipped out of my grip and smacked me directly across my abs and pecs, which were bare, since I’d taken off my shirt. That hurt like hell.

Piss in Boots and Sunny Haze

One of my better attempts at a freestand handstand, as captured by Yael.

One of my better attempts at a freestand handstand, as captured by Yael.

Sean and I left for Indian Beach at 5:30 am; we were the first to arrive and were on the beach just after sunrise at about five ’til six. Conditions: patchy fog, fifty seven degree seas, light north winds, uneven seven foot swell, uneven, pretty short period. We made our way out by the cliffs on the north side and floated for a while, observing the scene. We tried to surf some, and mostly fell. About six thirty as the sun was breaking onto the waters beyond the break zone a few other surfers came in the water. They took their longboards out beyond us just as some larger waves started breaking further out. Sean disappeared to the inside, and I made my way out. I had one really interesting ride and also rode some slop and fell a lot. I battled my way back through the surf a few times, but also sat around in the deep water long enough without surfing to get cold. Spare you the poetry, just a few glimpses: seaweed on my board; needing to piss; pissing; putting on my hood; falling flat on my face at the end of one partial ride; Mark (?) the owner of Canon Beach Surf on his flamed-up longboard; surfing on to shore from the sunny morning into twilight shadows; watching the dude on the red longboard shred quite a few big waves out there at the end. The key to surfing Indian Beach is to use the cliffs on the north side as a shield to get out past the beach break to the south. We left the parking lot at 8:15 and were home at about 8:35.

I felt shredded and beat-up after that session but I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Best sunset of the summer... so far.

Best sunset of the summer... so far.

Other than that I mostly hung out with my family today; it was a special day of fun. I practiced handstands of the beach. Yael got a photo of that. We had sun, and heat. The beach was blazing with a salty haze in the afternoon. Then we had an incredible sunset, after which, a half moon passed from the top of the cape towards the water.

I practiced, intermittently throughout the day: Handstands, Surfer Get-ups, Burpees, Pull-Ups, and Ring-Dips. I also probably got a sunburn.