A Higher Power

strength work on Turkish Get Ups and metabolic conditioning with the workout “Overhead Power,” a brutal workout last performed on September 26th, 2009, involving six different weighlifting moves (Hang Power Snatch, Overhead Squats, Hang Power Cleans, Push Presses, Hang Squat Cleans, and Push Jerks), in a patterned and progressive cycle that totals ninety reps.

Fear of Burpees

Training Cycle: Week 3/6 (Work Week)
Dietary Cycle: Week 3/3 (Cutting)
Daily Calorie Target: 2800
(Zone “blocks:” approx 24, 2.5x fat)
Second WOD of this Week

Struggling to get out of bed today, I said to myself, concerning the WOD: “please, please, at least, let there be no burpees.” There were burpees. Why do I hate them so? I need to adjust my attitude.


Agility Ladders. Stretching. Calisthenics: Push-Ups (15), Sit-Ups (15), Overhead Squats (20), Pull-Ups (10, deadhang, in three sets: 2, 4, 4).

Strength: Push-Press

It’s time for a 3 rep max Push-Press. My current PR was set on June 6th, 2009 at 130 lbs.

It went well today.

Result: 5 x 45 / 3 x 95 / 3 x 105 / 3 x 115 / 3 x 125 / 3 x 135 (pr).

Form felt solid. It was nice to get a PR. To be perfectly clear: prior to pressing, we cleaned these weights from the ground. We did not use a rack.

WOD: “Jeremy”

Our WOD today is based on a CrossFit Kids WOD known simply as “Jeremy” or “Little Jeremy”, a memorial workout for a six year old kid named Jeremy Bloniasz. The original design was to use a broomstick or PVC for the overhead squats. I guess our version has been amped up for adults.

Overhead squats
For time.
Use 50-60% of your max OHS weight not to exceed 95/65lbs.

My max overhead squat weight remains stuck at 75 lbs, a PR set last month. The truth is I just haven’t done that much with this movement. I did the WOD using 60%, which is a 45 lb bar.

Result: 6:33.


To combat pain in my leg while running, I am doing short sessions on the treadmill after the WOD. They seem to help, by stimulating (or positively stressing) the old break site. In the past, I have found that increasing my running distance a bit really helps my leg feel better overall.

Yesterday: 5 minutes. Today: 7 minutes, 5.5 mph.

Surrender, My Foot!

Training Cycle: Week 1/6 (Work Week)
Dietary Cycle: Week 1/3 (Building)
Daily Calorie Target: 3100
(Zone “blocks:” approx 24, 2.5x fat)
Second Workout this Week

A lousy night’s sleep, following my “worst cheat day ever” left me feeling dissipated and dissolute, absolutely spaced out and ugly this morning. Not a great WOD.

Strength/Skill: Push Jerk

Result: 5 x 20 kg (44 lbs) / 3 x 40 kg (88.1 lbs) / 3 x 45 kg (99.2 lbs) / 3 x 45 kg + 10 lbs (109.2 lbs) / 3 x 45 kg + 20 lbs (119.2 lbs) / 3 x 60 kg (132.25 lbs) / 1 x 62.5 kg, fail on 2 (137.7 lbs)

I feel like my Push Jerk has been stagnant since June, when I hit a nice 135 lbs PR on the 5 rep. I didn’t do that well today, or manage to hit my 3 rep PR which I just set three weeks ago. I should have been working on a single rep Push Jerk today, and I should have been using a rack. Today was a wasted opportunity.

WOD: “Surrender”

A well designed WOD, but the athlete was not fully present in body and mind. Go all out or go home? Where the fuck was I today? Autopilot. Once again I’ll blame yesterday’s cheat day and the lousy sleep.

200m run /
10 shoulder press @ 65% 1RM not to exceed 95/65 /
200m run /
20 push-press /
200m run /
30 push-jerks /
200m run
For time.

Shanna was nice enough to help me figure out what shoulder press weight to use. My records show I have a 1 rep max for the shoulder press at 120 lbs; today I used approximately 74 lbs (20 kg + 30 lbs) in the workout.

Result: time: 9:21

The WOD was nicely named but I don’t think I followed the instructions. I was not as fast as I could be. No doubt I worked. But I felt sluggish and awkward. Under water.

Bear Country

The WOD known as “Bear Country” comes back around. 3 rounds of 5 bear complex cycles and max rep pull-ups. Also, Kip-Swings.

Six Moves, Ninety Reps, Eleven Minutes

The last WOD of a five week training cycle: L-Sits and a tricky met-con with six different olympic lifts. Next week I get to rest, thank God. Also, another Saturday night on the town leads to an extremely high calorie day, and a couple of different cheat items, and an excess of alcohol.

Lordy Lordy (Robert is 40)

CrossFit Asheville member Robert turns 40 today. The WOD “celebrates” his joining our 40 and over club.

Interrupted sleep (Orion, crying in the basement again, at 3:45, 4:30, and 5:10 am). Decent nutrition yesterday, but no breakfast this morning. I was late to the workout.


Late, I rushed through. I’ll describe this week’s warm-up tomorrow. Did my push-ups (10), sit-ups (10), slow air squats to a box (10), pull-ups (10, kipping, without leaving the bar!), and knees to elbows (10).

Strength: Push Press

Previous PRs include a 1 rep 145 lbs and a 3 rep 130 lbs. I went to work on a 5 rep for today.

Results: 10 x 45 / 5 x 65 / 5 x 95 / 5 x 105 / 5 x 115 / 4 x 125, fail on 5th.

I’ll take it.

WOD: “Lordy, lordy…”

FOR TIME: 40 double unders Jump Rope (120 regular) / 40 push-ups / 40 box jumps / 40 push press (50-60% of max) / 40 power cleans (same weight)

Press/Power Clean weight: 65 lbs.

I feel like I worked hard. Really rocked out those power cleans, although I sometimes rounded my back and got on my toes. Result: 10:05.