monday at CFA

Monday AM at 6:00 I dragged myself to the old standby workout session at CrossFit Asheville, a workout combining push-press, box jumps, kettlebell swings, and finishing with a high-rep barbell metcon including hang power cleans, front squats, and push presses again.

Push-Press: 4 x 45 / 4 x 75 / 4 x 95 / 4 x 115 / 4 x 125 / 4 x 145

Box Jumps 5 x 24″ / 5 x 28″ / 5 x 30″ / 5 x 32″ / 5 x 34″ / 5 x 36″

Kettlebell Swings (American style with 3 second pause at top): 2 x 5 x 24kg / 1 x 5 x 28kg / 1 x 5 x 32 kg

7 rounds of: 3 hang power cleans, 3 front squats, 3 push press x 115 lbs, with 30 second rest between rounds. Unsure of total time. Somewhere in the middle, not last. Does the actual time matter?

push press PR and burpee-clean and sandbag lunges

6:00 am CFA. Warm-Up, then:

Push-Press. Rx’d as 5-5-5-3-3-3-3 but I wanted to max out my 5 rep. So: 5 x 45 / 5 x 115 / 5 x 135 / 5 x 150 (PR) / 2 x 145 (f on 3) / 3 x 135 / … done. I actually failed the 5th rep of that 5 x 150, but hung onto the bar and immediately attempted a 6th rep, which I got. So, good.

4 rounds of 45 second max rep dumbbell burpee clean, 45 seconds rest, 45 second max distance sandbag lunges (1 point per 5 feet), 45 seconds rest. 50 lb sandbag, two 30 lb DBs. Total lunge points + reps: 82.

the sun and the rain

no sun or rain at 5:55 am when I left for CFA, just low clouds and wet fog.

Warm up pose drills out in the parking lot, mobility and dislocates, push ups (20), pull-ups dead hang (5, 3, 1, 1) overhead squats (10), PVC sotts press (10), knees to elbows (10).

Strength/skill handstand push up progressions 4×5 (blue band red harness x3, red band red harness x1). The first set of these messed with my left shoulder and I almost decided to ditch the WOD. But I didn’t.

WOD just made the 20 min cap at 19:52. 7 rounds for time of 7 push-press and 21 double unders. DUs slowed me down for sure. I did all 80 burpees and a zillion single unders on my way to the finish. I went with about 52% of my 5RM for the push press just to baby my shoulders: 75 lbs. Exhausting.

Later additional volume. Dead hang pull ups: x6 / x6 / x6 / x6 / x6 /

Mobility: rolling stretching shoulder.

Deadlift and Dead Tired

Got decent sleep last night (thank you, Ambien… Once in a while it helps) and got up early to work out as usual.

Warm-Up. A member at CFA had a serious accident during her WOD (stitches and concussion!) leading to some confusion and slow down in the warm up for the six AM class. (We hope you are feeling better Jess!) Still we did do some warm up and I managed to get my pull-ups and push-ups, squats and ab hollows in.

Strength: Deadlift. 70% 12 x 2 @ 30s intervals. Fun. Weight: 205 lbs. Volume: 4,920.

WOD: 400 meter run, then 20-16-12-8-4 of push press and push-ups, then 400 meter run; weight: 75 lbs (about 50% of my 5 ; 75% was Rx’d but … My shoulder!). Time: 15 min exactly.

The WOD was freaking exhausting. I worked hard to stay in motion even with reduced weights. I knew shortly after I was done that Plan HTFU was NOT gonna proceed today. Instead, I walked around like a Zombie and ate like a one man army. Now it’s just after eight PM and I am going to read in bed. I am dead tired. Too tired for self-care, mobility work, additional pull ups or push ups. No nothing! Bed time. Hoping tonights sleep will be recovery enough for tomorrow.

Back At CFA


5 sets of combo shoulder press & push-press (2 x & 3 x). Result: (2 & 3) x 80 / (2 & 3) x 80 / (2 & 3) x 85 / (2 & 3) x 85 / (2 & 3) x 90. I went light, because of my left shoulder, which continues to feel less than 100%. Instead getting up to a goal of 110% or more of shoulder press 5 RM (currently 115), I went with about 70%, 73% and 78%.


WOD was a combo of 3 rounds for time of 10 overhead squats and 150 single unders or 50 double unders. RX’d at 80% of OHS. Again, to baby my shoulder, I went with 65 lbs, about 60% of OHS 5 RM (currently 110). My time: 7:48. I did double unders, but because I can’t do them consecutively, but have to do intermediate reps, I probably did all the single unders too!


Plan HTFU Additional #1: Body Weight. This went just according to plan. 5 x 10 push-ups, 5 x 10 pull-ups (with blue band). These sets include the 1 set of each I did during the warm-up. Push-ups were scattered through morning, before and during the workout and finally back home. Pull-ups were during the warm-up.

Plan HTFU Additional #2: Ice. I iced my left shoulder, both knees, and right forearm for about 5 minutes each.

Plan HTFU Additional #3: Mobility WODs. I’ll be going up from the very first post through KStar’s entire series of Mobility WODs. Two per day until I catch up. It should take 2 weeks or more. Today, following episodes 1 & 2, I did 10 minutes total in a squat (First of Many Beat Downs) and an abbreviated version of his hip extension stretch (don’t go in your pain cave) — spending only about 2 minutes on each side instead of 4, and not doing the pre-and post squat test.

Diet: 95% paleo plus BCAAs, whey protein, and supplements; 12-14 hours of fasting daily; decaf after the last cup of caf is poured at about 9:30 am.

Sleep: no sleep last night — at all. Freaking stressful travel day and I drank a “shot in the dark” (espresso in coffee) during the drive from Charlotte to Asheville (9:00 to 11:00 pm). Tonight: watching 1 TV show, going to bed soon, when it is over. Getting off this blog and the internet immediately. Getting up at 4:45 am!

Bear Complex (in Rehab)

Work out this morning: 5 rounds of 7 reps of “the bear complex” (Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Push Press), with 500 meter rowing “buy out” at the end. Not for time. I went light and very fast on the reps, but took plenty of rest (2-3 minutes) between rounds (rehabbing my left shoulder): 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 lbs. These were done rapidly, as: squat clean, thruster, back squat directly into push press (a back thruster?). I finished before everybody else, rested, and then rowed. I took the row easy. Slow rate: throughout I kept my strokes per minute at about 22. Built speed: I warmed up for the first 100 meters, then brought the splits down from my warm-up speed of about 2:05 to about 1:40 at the lowest; last 300 meters averaged 1:44 or so; total 500 time about 1:55, I think (I didn’t notice the end time; I actually rowed about 550 meters). I was not trying for my best time.

Push Press and HPC/Box Jump Combo

6:00 am CFA workout this morning: Warm-Up followed by Push Press (5 x 45 / 5 x 80 / 3 x 110 / 1 x 140 / 5 x 145 (PR) / 5 x 130; total vol: 2,470) and round consisting of 10 HPC / 30 (20″) Box Jumps / 10 HPC / 20 BJ / 10 HPC / 10 BJ; time: 5:01.

The briefest of notes here. Gotta take care of kids now.

“Ninja D”

Push Press / Back Squat

Strength only on Tuesdays… ahh… Just like my “old days” (i.e. Spring 2010). Felt good. Even on only 4.5 hours of crappy sleep.


400 meter run. Crawling around, etc. Mobility work. Overhead squats (10), Pull-Ups (10), Push-Ups (a quantity above 10), Knees to Elbows (10).

Push-Press 5 RM Attempt

Following a recent PR, I attempted a +5 lb new PR. Did not get it.

5 x 75 / 3 x 105 / 1 x 30 / 4 x 145, fail 2x on 5.

I was SO close. Oh well. “An opportunity for improvement.” Time for strength sets.

Back Squats 2 x 12

My last 5RM PR was shaky, at best, at 175 lbs. Today, 60% of that 2 x 12 @ 60s.

105# x 2 x 12 @ 60s intervals (11 min; 24 reps; 2,520 lbs volume).

Lots to think about and work on here. I was concentrating on knees, and hip drive. Shanna said: keep your back up; she also said: do a 2-3 count going down and drive up in 1.

my lucky day

Friday the 13th was my lucky day as I found myself up at 5:25 am, sleep deprived of course (not that I didn’t give myself every advantage, i.e. no alcohol, limited caffeine, 8+ hours in bed), and back at CrossFit Asheville! The WOD today was “Freaky Friday” with push-press as the strength work and a 13 minute WOD of ring push-ups, one arm DB snatches, and jumpropes.

I went in on an empty stomach with no caffeine and did very fine, thank you! Fasted training is the bomb.


Agility ladder. Dislocates. Hip mobility. Push ups (10). Front squats (10). Knees to elbows (10). Pull-ups (kipping; 10). I also did burpees (10, fast).

Push-Press 5 RM (5/3/1 @ 50%, 75%, 95%, +10).

Yes there were some math errors!


5 x 65 / 3 x 115 / 1 x 125 / 5 x 140 (PR)

This barely worked for me. But it worked. A new PR, not so much the result of this approach to reaching it, but to the extensive shoulder work I’ve done over the past few weeks.

“Freaky Friday”

13 min AMRAP of: 7 ring push-ups, 13 one arm db snatches (per arm), 33 double unders (99 single unders)

Results: I went over by about 5 seconds, but, my results were” 5 rounds exactly with 30 lb DB, and single unders

Fracking Awesome

Fracking awesome to be back with my homies and among my coaches. Thank you Daniel, Shanna, Corey, and all my six am and five am and other CFA peeps… you know who you are you rock the house.

Post-WOD Breakfast

Post WOD I had a 3 egg omellette, with spinach, clarified butter, coconut oil; a banana; and lots of kale. And coffee with cream.

Mostly-Paleo, Fully-Bad-Ass

So I’m not 100% paleo at the moment, but you gotta admit, that’s pretty primal.

Still, in preparation for my new training cycle (begins on Sunday, Aug. 15th) and my 30 day fascist-strict Paleo period (begins on Sunday, Aug. 22nd), I’ve been eating at near 99% paleo, keeping up with most of the rules I set out for myself in a recent post. Tonight was definitely an exception, as the crew turned out at Asheville Pizza and Brew, on Coxe. Several beers, and several tequilas were consumed. I’m not naming names. Some people even ate Pizza. I’m feeling strong.

Deadlift and Chieftain

In the first WOD of my last week at CFA before summer break begins in earnest, I managed to get a pretty solid new 1 rep max deadlift PR, and then pushed my way through a few humbling rounds of “The Chieftain,” a metcon involving ring push ups, hang power cleans and push presses.

New Program

Training Cycle: Week 3/6 (Work Week)
No Alcohol Month 5/5
Diet: Calorie Cycling (2 days low, 1 day high), Whole/Clean/Paleo Zone w/ 2x-4x fat
First workout of the Week

I missed my customary Monday workout because I was busy all day, and had only had about 2 hours of sleep before the 5:00 am class time, my usual spot. So this was the first workout this week.


Agility ladder. Stretching. Calisthenics. 400 meter run (barefoot).

Strength: Deadlift

Result: 135 x 10 / 225 x 1 / 245 x 1 / 265 x 1 / 285 x 1 / 305 x 1 / 315 x 1 (PR) / 325 x 1 (PR)

An awesome session. My form degraded on the 315 and 325; it was time to stop. My new PR is about 1.8x my bodyweight, and is enough to put me officially at “intermediate” level according to common standards for the deadlift.

WOD: Cheiftain

AMRAP in 3 minutes of:
10 Ring Push-ups
8 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push-press
1 minutes rest b/w rounds
Complete 3 total rounds. Pick up where you left off at the end of each round. Use 70% of your push-press 5RM not to exceed 135/95lbs. Post total rounds plus additional reps.

I used only 80 lbs on the bar, due to a stupid error in math. I meant to do 90 lbs.

Result: 5 rounds plus 10 ring push ups

Analysis: I did considerably worse on this WOD today than I did in January, using much less weight and completing only 3 more total reps. The limiting factor in both sessions was my Ring Push-Ups, not the HPCs or the Push-Press. The Push-Press was hard, and would have been harder at 95 than 80, to be sure, but I was so slow on the push-ups that I was actually embarrassed!

Oh well… better luck next time! PR on the deadlift and then a sucky WOD. You take what life gives, up and down.