even bigger wednesday

Early start at ASC.

Warm-Up: a few minutes on the Airdyne, then various things like power skips, high knees, deadlift walks, karaoke, mountain climbers, leg swings, then static stretching.

Deadlift: 10 x 45 / 5 x 155 / 3 x 245 / 1 x 300 / 5 x 310 (PR).

During deadlift and press work: many practice reps of KB cleans, ? # of reps, 15 lbs KB. Lots of reps. Not comfortable with the movement yet.

Press: 10 x 45 / 5 x 65 / 5 x 80 / 3 x 5 x 95.

Back Squat: 4 x 8 x 105 lbs. +10 lbs from the last such session (in PDX last month; I think it was 3 weeks ago). Because they are so light, right now these additional Wednesday squats aren’t really about getting additional volume. Rather, they are about mastering the movement. I am manipulating the time under tension to strengthen all the auxiliary muscles involved. (Don’t you dare call this lifting at tempo. I refuse to quantify the reps in a false way in the manner of “tempo” lifting.) I used a very slow, controlled descent, knees out, back in full extension, striving for “perfect” depth, looking for that feeling of a loaded hamstring and a bounce, followed by a dynamic push out of the hole. My goal with these Wednesday squats is to very gradually increase the total load over time and to reap the benefits of greasing the groove on my max effort sessions.

Turkish Get Ups: 5 min, switching arms each rep, 25 lb Kettlebell.

3 rounds of: 20 kilogram bar x 1 x hang snatch, then snatch/ohs bottom position static hold (roughly 30 seconds), 5 x OHS, snatch/ohs bottom position hold (about 30 seconds), finish. About 2 minutes recovery. So: 3 hang snatches, 3 minutes in bottom position, Overhead Squat: 3 x 5 x 45.

Shoulders were feeling it at the end of the workout!

friday OHS pr … again

I got up so early, so very very early, hoping to have enough time to execute an ambitious workout plan at Asheville Strength and Conditioning, but for some reason, I just didn’t have time. I did, however, attain another sick PR, redeeming the entire week, and earning me some chocolate milk even in the midst of plan warpath.

So, 5:30 am at ASC:

Warm-Up: 400 meter run. 20 double unders (1 every 4-6 singles). Mobility. A couple of shoulder, upper body, and squat calisthenics… nothing major.

Deadlift: 10 x 45 / 5 x 135 / 3 x 5 x 210. Volume: 3,150.

Squat: 5 x 135 / 3 x 5 x 165. Volume: 2,445.

Overhead Squat: 5 x 120 / 3 x 135 (PR) / 1 x 145 / f x 155 / 3 x 155 (PR). Volume: 1,615. This was intended to be a new 1 RM PR at 155, but obviously, I exceeded my own expectations. Once I’d done it once, why stop?? I was so elated after this I just felt like drinking a quart of chocolate milk.

Snatch: 1 x 95 / 1 x 105 / f x 115 / f x 115 / power snatch x 115 / 1 x 115 (PR tie) … and that was all I had time for! This snatch session totally sucked. SUCKED.

Press: 4 x 45 / 5 x 65.

I was forced by lack of time to skip the conditioning work I had planned. Oh well! Tomorrow am!

another ohs pr

Wednesday AM at ASC I met up with Brian at 6:15. A quick warm up row (500 meters, 1:47, reverse splits from 2:03 to 1:33) followed by minimal mobility work, and we set out to do some Overhead Squats.

Overhead Squats: 10 x 45 / 5 x 75 / 3 x 100 / 3 x 120 / 1 x 140 / f x 150 / 1 x 150 (PR). Volume: 1,775.

That’s right: that’s my third Wednesday in a row for a PR in overhead squat. Wednesdays are OHS PR day!

That was just supposed to be for starters, but we took our time, and then, when we got to our singles, we got interrupted by Coach Dan; it was time to unload his solid wood 6×8 platform. Holy cow.

All things considered, the workout ended up being a lot less volume than I planned, and no conditioning work either. Which leaves me with no choice but to do something more later today, either by going back to the gym or perhaps doing something else entirely.

wednesday OHS pr

Afternoon Training at ASC:

Warm Up: 500 meter row (1:41). Besides that it was a freaking super hot day. Mobility. Light db shoulder press reps (2 x 10 x 20 lb dbs)

Deadlift: 10 x 45 / 5 x 135 / 3 x 5 x 205. Volume: 3,075.

Back Squat: 10 x 45 / 3 x 5 x 160. High Bar. Volume: 2,400.

Overhead Squat: 5 x 65 / 3 x 95 / 3 x 115 / 1 x 135 / 2 x 145 (PR). Yeah, two reps. I liked the first one so much I did a second one too! Volume: 1,120.

the hump day hump

Blistering hot day (90+ degrees), open gym session, mid-day at CFA, working on Overhead Squat and Snatch, ended up with new PRs in OHS and Snatch Balance.

My day was full to the brim with work, with parenting, with shopping, with obtaining materials for the new Asheville Strength and Conditioning space, and of course, with training. Besides what’s listed below, I loaded and unloaded 10 3/4″ sheets of plywood at Home Depot. That extra volume is nothing to sneeze at.

This session was meant to be a simple, not too intense lifting day. But it turned out to be a relatively constant effort, which, combined with the humidity and heat, left me drenched with sweat. Also, it’s worth adding that even though this was a midday session, it was done in a fasted state. I ended up with about 19 hours of fasting today. A bit too much, but I’ll handle it.

I planned out the session exactly, and hardly deviated from what I planned beforehand. Here’s what I did do.

Warm-Up: Double Unders x 10 / 200 meter run / Double Unders x 10 / 200 meter run. Mobility. GHD Hip Extensions. Lightweight shoulder work.

Deadlift: 5 x 135 / 3 x 5 x 200. Got a few tips from Corey here; one of which is definitely worth attending to: remaining fully engaged at the top of the lift, from buttocks through the whole chain.

Back Squat: 10 x 45 / 3 x 5 x 160. These felt really solid. I was pretty amazed.

I was determined, after this warm-up, to get another OHS PR, to follow the new PR of wednesday 2 weeks ago. It went smooth as silk!

Overhead Squat: 5 x 45 / 3 x 95 / 3 x 115 / 1 x 130 / 1 x 140 (PR)

From there, into training the snatch.

Snatch Balance: 5 x 45 / 5 x 75 / 5 x 95 (PR)

Snatch: 5 x 3 x 95 (5 second pause between lifts to reset; 3 minute rest between sets).

I started at about 11:15 am and finished right on schedule at 12:45 pm. Great fun. This is living.

I was so glad I didn’t do Jackie today! Having completed this training session, now I can’t believe I earlier felt any CrossFit guilt about skipping that WOD. Ha!

Analysis of what went on here today. For that, maybe compare: 2/19/2011 and 5/18/2011

mon wed thu fri this week

Monday hit CFA 6:00 am warm up included shoulder work then did the WOD. Best OHS # was 12 x 95. Will look up the rest. Afternoon included multiple rounds of jump rope and wood chopping and splitting with axe, 10 lb sledge and 5 lb wedge. Also: pull ups dead hang weighted 1 x +15, 2x+10, push ups (10).

Tuesday I worked on the house, on a ladder, off a ladder, with a sharp scraping blade overhead, knocking down the texture on our living room ceiling.

Wednesday, open gym at CFA, 400 meter run, ohs 10 x 45, push ups 10, shoulder exercises (db press, btn press, t3, rotations). Deadlift, 5×135, 3x5x205 at tempo; squats, high bar, 3 x 5 x 155. Overhead squats, plus cleans, jerks, etc (no racks) 1 x 95, 3 x 105, 3 x 115, f x 130, 1 x 130, 1 x 135, 1 x 135 (PR). Snatch: 1 x 95, 10 x 1 x 105, f x 115, 1 x 115, ohs 3 x 115. Later I did dead hang pull ups: 2 x +15 lbs, 1x +15 lbs; and weighted ring dips: 1x +15, 1x +15. I felt good about the PR Overhead Squat. In the afternoon I mudded and taped in the living room, again on the ladder and overhead.

Thursday, no workout, but, plenty of yard work in the afternoon and into the night, by a fire, with cultivating rake and pitchfork, swinging a machete and axe, deadlifting, carrying, stacking log rounds, throwing branches and limbs. Like a jerk I neglected mobility work and sleep, staying up into Friday AM. This workout is called lumberjacking. I call it active rest. It’s summer.

Friday, no way I could get up at 6:00 am. During the afternoon I performed 4 rounds of: 5 minutes jump rope practice, 5 minutes hauling/throwing/cutting on the downed cherry and crepe myrtle in my yard, i.e. lumberjacking. I’m starting to regain my rhythm in the double under. I think I did a couple hundred of them in my 4 rounds. I could barely move with the axe, so I stuck to the machete and moving heavy rounds. Also: dead hang pull up: 1 x +15. Left shoulder bothering me this evening. Skipped the dips. I feel myself slacking off. I weighed in at 197 today. I drank milkshakes with my kids at Cook Out today. That was fun. Our living room makes the house chaotic. I’m good and exhausted. Off to Durham early tomorrow. Good night.

this is summer

Today CFA announced it’s presenting only “off season” workouts for the next 3-6 weeks, which isn’t going to work well with my “plan apotheosis.” For me, this is the start of summer, and training wise, summer isn’t my off season. Summer, which offers me much greater opportunities for recovery and self-care, is about getting stronger and having fun. I plan to do both. Stay tuned to see what I will do to work around this situation.

a horse stall mat on the concrete slab in my back yard

With this Stall Mat in my Back Yard, I shall Finally Conquer the Double Under!

Monday’s Volume

For the sake of comprehensive training notes, I’m going to list EVERYTHING I did today, and include quantitative data where possible. But I’m going to use short hand, and not explain anything including whatever theory or plan stands behind it.

Pre-CFA: shoulder and forearm mobility work including Karate Punch / Shadow Boxing warm-ups, hamstring flexibility. Pushups (10).

CFA: 400 meter run. Shoulder mobility. OHS 10 x 45#. Pushups (10). Neck Press: about 2 x 6 w/ 65 and 75 lbs, at 2-2-2-2 tempo then because of right (!) shoulder impingement, switch to an Arnold press type movement with 20 lb dumbells for 2 x 6. (Total: 24 reps). Sumo Deadlift: 1 x 8 x 95 / 1 x 8 x 115 / 2 x 8 x 125 at tempo. Ring Rows: 4 x 8 at tempo. Dumbbell Lunge Squats: 3 x 6 x each leg x 20s / 1 x 8 x each leg x 35s.

Post-CFA: One mile run, not timed. Didn’t feel too bad! Bottom of my foot is not too sore.

Later: Walk with kids in stroller downtown and back (to Splashville).

Later: Dead Hang Pull-Ups (2); Push-Ups (10); and about 20 minutes messing around with my jump rope in the back yard.

Later: hauled a new Horse Stall Mat into my back yard (those things are fracking heavy!)

Evening: Mobility work.

return to the fitness challenge

Friday morning I set a new personal record for the Overhead Squat and then established some new numbers for the Carolina Fitness Challenge final WOD, which I first did back on Dec. 11th., 2010, at the CFC.

Overhead Squat: 12 x 45 in warm up / 5 x 45 / 2 x 95 / 2 x 105 / 2 x 115 / 2 x 125 / 2 x 130 (PR)

I ran out of time. I suspect I might have had 135 in me today as well. I already have 125 x 5, but had never done overhead squats with more than 125 for any number. I am proud of myself for doing more than I’ve ever done, but am also conscious of the fact that my pal T-Bone recently did 1 x 148 … and she’s “a girl.” I got some work to do. Of course, for me, this new PR represents a neuromuscular achievement. But also it is only a temporary stepping stone on the way towards more impressive numbers. PROMISE.

CFC final WOD / New Year’s Day 2011 WOD

2 minutes max reps / 1 min rest of: Double Unders, Deadlifts w/ 225 lbs, 24″ box jumps, 53 lb kettlebell swings.

Result: 14 (that’s right, 14, I suck at DUs), 23, 34, 42.

My double unders have actually DEGRADED of late. Time to get serious about them. I’m tired of being embarrassed by my DUs.

Comparing my numbers from Dec. 11th to today:

DU’s: 36 vs. 14. I suck much worse now versus then!

Deadlifts: 21 vs 23. Improvement!

Box Jumps: 38 vs 34. Not a lot worse, but worse.

KB Swings: 30 vs. 42. Great improvement.

There is actually a problem with the results page… I’m not sure whether the results are listed in the right place. It is possible that my original box jump number was 30, vs. today’s 34, and my original KB swing number was 38 vs. today’s 42. That would make more sense to me. In that case, I got better in 3/4 of the events.

friday open sectionals WOD #4

Friday morning at CFA I did the open sectionals WOD #4, 10 minute “AMRAP” of 60 bar facing burpees, 30 overhead squats with 120 lbs, and 10 muscle ups. ROTFL. Barf.

Result: 72.

It took me about 6 minutes and 15 seconds to get through the burpees. Then, with about 10-15 seconds rest I started the OHS. I am proud of myself for getting 12 reps in about 3 1/2 minutes. The last two reps were in the final 20 seconds. 120 lbs is 96% of my 5 rep max, which I set on Wednesday of this week. This workout was a good stimulus and a great way to end the week.

I am no CrossFit God, and I am no elite athlete. I am just another plugger, weekday warrior, making progress day by day and trying to keep my life on track. It’s fracking awesome. As of this writing I am currently ranked at 313 (out of 326) in my region and am overall ranked at 3821 (out of 3998).

Heck yeah bottom of the pack! Don’t it feel good to be alive?

monday and wednesday workouts

Monday at CFA: Hang Snatch, C2B Pull-Ups, High Box Jumps, Wall Balls

I was at the 6:00 am class at CFA on Monday April 11th, and, while I didn’t accomplish anything brilliant, didn’t do anything in the way of new PRs or anything, I did my best and had fun working on that most difficult of lifts, the Hang Snatch.

Strength: double rounds of Hang Snatch sets of 2, alternating with C2B Pull-Ups sets of 3, at tempo. My pull-ups have atrophied almost beyond recognition. I got about 13 total reps. I did about 10 sets of 2 Hang Snatches, and didn’t push it very far. HS: 5 x 45 / 2 x 65 / 2 x 65 / 2 x 70 / 2 x 70 / 2 x 75 / 2 x 75 / 2 x 80 / 2 x 80 / 2 x 85 / 2 x 85 Pull-Ups: x3 / x3 / x3 / x3 / x1

WOD: AMRAP Partner WOD, one person works, the other holds a 53 lb kettlebell (!), I worked with Golder: 6 high box jumps at 35″ (!), 12 wall balls w/ 20″ medicine ball; result: exactly 5 rounds each. During my first set of box jumps I stumbled or missed or something and took a not very funny pratfall onto the rubber. Ouch. My shin hurt all day.

The next day I was much more sore than I thought I should be. Wow. In the weirdest places: my upper obliques, my triceps, my abs.

Wednesday at CFA: Open Sectionals WOD 4 Preparation

Early in the morning on Wednesday I woke up and checked my computer to see what the open sectionals workout #4 would be, and I almost crapped myself when I saw it. Then I looked at the CFA website and in truth I wasn’t very psyched when I saw what Shanna had planned for us.

But a few minutes later, I calmed down, and almost miraculously, felt my attitude flip right around. Like Corey was in my brain with his “fuck that.” And I knew I would go in, work on my damn ring dips, get a new 5 rep PR in the overhead squat, and then do about three minutes total work on power snatches and bar facing burpees. What’s the big deal? It’ll be fun. I told myself. And it was, so, heck yeah. Screw 10 minute AMRAPs with 60 bar-facing burpees, 30 overhead squats at 120, and 10 muscle-ups. What a joke.

Once I was there we did a warm-up and calisthenics, then:

Strength/Skill: Overhead Squats alternating with Ring Dips. I did only 4 sets here, but they were good. I worked with Matt Smith. NB: warm-up calisthenics included 10×45 OHS. 8 x 45 / 8 x 75 / 8 x 105 / 5 x 125 (PR). It felt good to get a new PR. Ring dips were as follows: x 1 / x 3 / x 3 / x 3. Nothing spectacular. I am a fracking weakling when it comes to upper body strength!

Workout: 3 rounds of 30s on 30s rest: Bar-Facing Burpees, Power Snatch. For the power snatch, the Rx was 70% of today’s OHS max, so I worked with 85 lbs. That weight turned out to be more than most people used. That’s either a boast, or an excuse, or both, or just a plain old fact. I’ll let you be the judge. exactly 8 reps per work period, 6 work periods, 48 reps total.

After this I felt great all day.