a little farm work on saturday

Week IX, Workout D

Stopped by ASC at about 11:15 with the kids. Nobody but T-Bone there. Nothing going on. I decided to goof around. Then turned it into a workout. Details as follows:

Warm-Up: 5 minutes on the Airdyne Bike

Goofing Around: 10 lbs FatGrips DBs, farmer’s carries while skipping, and walking, in lines and circles, a few minutes.

Workout: Farmer’s Carries, while running. 10lbs DBs w/ FatGripz handles. 10 x 100 meter @ 90s interval. Farmer’s Carry, while walking: 1 x 400 meters.

Before you call me a pussy for only carrying 1/10th of my body weight on my farmer’s carries, remember, I am still less than 12 weeks out from my broken left forearm. This is really a rehabilitative workout.

It was easy, effective, and fun. My forearms and grip are getting stronger every week.