sick days

Wasn’t going to work out on Saturday. Because I was feeling like death. Pretty sick, really. No sleep the night before, at all. Abused in body mind and spirit.

But there I was at open gym. Alone. All alone. And although it had been a freezing morning, by about 10:00 am it was warming up, and a beautiful fall day outside. So I picked up a jumprope. It felt ok. So then I did:

Four Rounds:

100 meter Waiter’s Walk w/ 25 lb DBs, FatGripz

250 jump rope single unders

Awesome workout. But a big mistake. By Saturday night I was spent. I need to rest and get over my damn illness. It’s been more than a month with the gunk.

more more

Week VI, Workout A

Somehow I’ve been kicking it, day after day. Today, I did a warm up on the rower, 1000 meters, 4:48, a 12 second improvement, or so, over last effort. No pain. Then a bunch of single unders with the jump rope. Maybe 400. A good warm up. Shoulder mobility. Then 3 x 15 x 3 lbs FatGripz Dumbbells, Bilateral Forearm/Wrist Rehab: supinated & pronated wrist curls; hammer curls and bent over rows; curls and high pulls; shoulder press and deltoid reverse flyes; bench press and side delt raises; forearm pronation and supination. Then back squat: 3 x 45, 95, 155; 2 x 5 x 180; 1 x 10 x 180 (PR). I impressed myself, until I thought about how much stronger some people are. This impresses me because it would put my theoretical 1 RM at about 240, or +5 from my last 1 RM test. But I am not spent, and I fully expect to keep getting these sets of 10 for the time being. No conditioning today.

A Couple of Notes on Diet

I am trying a cut. Weight was 199 on Saturday evening. And still 199 on Monday morning. But I am trying a very low carb protocol, without alcohol, for about 12 days, to see if I can shed a couple of pounds of fat. I’ll report back more on this later.

saturday long and leisurely

Week V, Workout D


Rowing on C2, with BOTH hands: 1000 meters, about 5 min; Jumprope, various styles of single unders, about 600 x (roughly 6 minutes).

Mobility and Rehab

Hip, Hams, Quads.

3 x 12 x 3 lb FatGripz DBs, each of the following: pronated and supinated wrist curls, hammer curls, bicep curls, high pulls, side delt raises, shoulder press, rear delt flye, bench press, front delt raise, pronation/supination.

A long time goofing around with Brian, John, and Mike, and the kids.


Strength Work

One Arm DB Shoulder Press (Right): 1 x 5 x 50 lbs; 3 x 5 x 35 lbs.

One Arm DB Snatch (Right): 3 x 1 x 65 lbs.

One Arm Oly Bar Snatch (Right): 1 x 65, 1 x 70, 1 x 75, 1 x 80, 1 x 85 (PR).


Sled Drags: 6 x +90 lbs x 40 meters @ 90 sec intervals. Brutal.

saturday conditioning

Week III, Workout D

I showed up mid morning at ASC on Saturday to check out the scene (so many people for our little gym!) and to get in some conditioning if possible. At some point, it became possible. I warmed up with jump rope and then did

5 rounds:

200 meter run

10 single arm (right arm) kettlebell snatches, @ 35 lbs.

This was a mistake, in terms of KB snatch volume. My shoulder hurt afterward. I have to remember to keep weighted movements, especially when they go overhead, more limited in volume (in terms of total reps) for most conditioning sessions. I would have done better with 5 reps per round, even with a higher weight.

friday fitzing

Week I, Workout E

Friday I slept in til 5:30 and barely beat Mike P. to the gym. I was riding the airdyne when he rolled in (1 min); did my 150 single unders with the jumprope; did some light mobility work. Also did 3 x 10 x 50 lbs DB “goblet” squats (too much volume and speed, my right knee hurt a bit later in the day); 3 x 10 x 45 lbs DB right arm bent over row; 4 x 3 x 50 lb DB right arm full clean. No conditioning work.

shoulders snatch etc.

Boy I am on vacation. Am I ever. I feel like whining and complaining about my inability to keep a clean diet or to keep with my normal eating and drinking and sleeping and workout habits and patterns. But I wont. See the post before last for some indication as to why. Anyway, I have been being bad, and I felt like poop this morning as a result. But I pushed through it and got in a decent workout, I guess.

Warm-Up: Double Unders and Push Ups

Warm up at the condo sprint drills bear crawls broad jumps etc in hall. More warm up at MAC: 5 x 1 min double unders and 10 push ups, rest @ 120s. Lunges, OHS, pull-ups w/ red band (all 10 reps). The double unders left me with a splitting headache. But on the bright side I got some number of reps with only two singles between doubles, and I got TWO consecutive double unders! My first consecutive double unders! I had a glimmer of hope that I might get these damn things soon.

Shoulder Press PR Attempt and Work Sets

I probably wasn’t ready for this, but … well I thought I was. I wanted to try for some PR attempt, and the only one safe to try, I thought, in this environment, was a shoulder press. Previous 5 rep PR was 115. So this attempt was for 120.

45 x 10 / 65 x 5 / 88 x 3 / 110 x 1 / 120 x 3, fail on 4 — no PR!

I was mighty disappointed to fail a 120 lb attempt — I’ve been stagnant since August. Admittedly… my shoulder was injured all fall and I definitely didn’t ever push it. I just let it heal, and it has healed. Which was great. And so I have no reason to think that I would be ready to push the PR numbers up.

Anyway… I didn’t feel like that was enough volume or stimulus in shoulder press today. So I added in some work sets at ~95% of my 5 RM.

Additional sets: 5 x 2 x 110 @ 120s.

Volume: 2,609


That’s right, “snatch.” Full squat but I don’t need to tell you that.

First: Boz warm up. Then

3 x 45

1 x 88

8 x 3 x 88 lbs (40 kg) @ 120s

Volume: 2,335

On “paper,” my current 5 RM (full squat) snatch is 70 lbs, so this is 125% of that, and my current 1 RM is 115, so this is 76% of that. All in all, I think this particular session was a very good stimulus for me. The movement started to feel really nice toward the end. Plenty challenging, but also solid. I need to snatch more often!

Split Squat

5 x each leg w/ 25 lb dumbbells.

For some reason (like using too much weight?) these hurt and I didn’t feel like doing additional sets. So I didn’t!


5 x 5 w/ red band dead hang c2b @ 60s

I’ve been slacking on my pull-up work since the week before the Carolina Fitness Challenge. But I need to get back on them. I reasoned that focusing on strict chest to bar form and knocking out some quick sets of 5 with the red band would be a good stimulus. We’ll see. But, I think so. In the near future, I plan to revisit this fast little routine a few times.

New Squat PR

At the 5:30 am CFA session this morning: new Back Squat 5 RM PR, 5×180 (10 x 45 / 5 x 100 / 3 x 135 / 1 x 175 / 5 x 180). Volume: 2,430. 


Brief warm-up, including mobility and dislocates, plus K2Es (10), pull-ups (blue band, set of 10), push-ups (12), front squats (10).

Skill Work: Jump Rope Double Unders

5 x 1 min x max reps of double unders. 3 min rest between rounds. I was too tired to count the double unders, so I just went for working as hard as I could; mostly this was intervals of 5, 3, or 2 single-unders between each double under.

Strength: Back Squat

During the warm up set (10 x 45) I felt ok, but during the 5 x 100 my left knee really started hurting — this is a persistent injury, a now nearly 2 and 1/2 year old case of chronic patellar tendonitis, or jumper’s knee. It still hurt during the 3 x 135 and I felt it during the 1 x 175. Incredibly, it did not seem to limit me during the 5 x 180 (PR).

The knee pain is a bummer; lately I’ve been feeling it less often and sometimes imagine it’s going to finally heal. Maybe it will. I’ve noticed that I seem to get a (paradoxical?) relief of knee pain after my 5k sprint workouts. It seems reasonable to hope that eventually, all this sprinting, running, jumping, and strength training will remodel my tendon and fix the problem for me.

my lucky day

Friday the 13th was my lucky day as I found myself up at 5:25 am, sleep deprived of course (not that I didn’t give myself every advantage, i.e. no alcohol, limited caffeine, 8+ hours in bed), and back at CrossFit Asheville! The WOD today was “Freaky Friday” with push-press as the strength work and a 13 minute WOD of ring push-ups, one arm DB snatches, and jumpropes.

I went in on an empty stomach with no caffeine and did very fine, thank you! Fasted training is the bomb.


Agility ladder. Dislocates. Hip mobility. Push ups (10). Front squats (10). Knees to elbows (10). Pull-ups (kipping; 10). I also did burpees (10, fast).

Push-Press 5 RM (5/3/1 @ 50%, 75%, 95%, +10).

Yes there were some math errors!


5 x 65 / 3 x 115 / 1 x 125 / 5 x 140 (PR)

This barely worked for me. But it worked. A new PR, not so much the result of this approach to reaching it, but to the extensive shoulder work I’ve done over the past few weeks.

“Freaky Friday”

13 min AMRAP of: 7 ring push-ups, 13 one arm db snatches (per arm), 33 double unders (99 single unders)

Results: I went over by about 5 seconds, but, my results were” 5 rounds exactly with 30 lb DB, and single unders

Fracking Awesome

Fracking awesome to be back with my homies and among my coaches. Thank you Daniel, Shanna, Corey, and all my six am and five am and other CFA peeps… you know who you are you rock the house.

Post-WOD Breakfast

Post WOD I had a 3 egg omellette, with spinach, clarified butter, coconut oil; a banana; and lots of kale. And coffee with cream.

Mostly-Paleo, Fully-Bad-Ass

So I’m not 100% paleo at the moment, but you gotta admit, that’s pretty primal.

Still, in preparation for my new training cycle (begins on Sunday, Aug. 15th) and my 30 day fascist-strict Paleo period (begins on Sunday, Aug. 22nd), I’ve been eating at near 99% paleo, keeping up with most of the rules I set out for myself in a recent post. Tonight was definitely an exception, as the crew turned out at Asheville Pizza and Brew, on Coxe. Several beers, and several tequilas were consumed. I’m not naming names. Some people even ate Pizza. I’m feeling strong.


I barely squeeze out a new five rep PR in Back Squat, and miss a new three rep PR by a mile, then a fast jumprope / burpee 10 minutes AMRAP. Finally a 1.3 mile warm-down barefoot run at the YMCA.