saturday snatches again

Actually Saturday was a great day, full of activity. Fun. Here’s a summary of it.

Woke up, worked on shoulder and forearm mobility. Boxing/Karate shadow boxing. Hamstring flexibility. Shoulder work with 5 & 10 lb plates: high-pulls, rotations, presses, T3s, all x12-20. Push-Ups (10).

Then: working out with my Jump Rope in the back yard, 15 minute timed session. Result: I got sweaty!.

After: Weighted Dead Hang Pull Ups (1x +10, 2x +5); weighted Ring Dips (1x +10, 1x +5).

Later: meeting of the Asheville Barbell Club in Brian’s driveway. It was lightly raining, off and on, and humid, with patches of bright sun. Hot. The driveway is not level. It is not smooth. It is not safe for snatching. We did so anyway. My intention was to do full snatches, but the conditions were not ideal. I resorted to some ugly form and found power snatching easier on the uneven, unlevel, unfinished surface.

Asheville Barbell Club workout:

450 meter warm-up run

OHS 5×45

Snatch Balance 5×45

Hang Power Snatch 5×45

Snatch 1x : 45, 65, 65, 75, 75, 85, 85, 85, 95, 95, f x 105, ps 1x 105, s 105, ps 1x 115, 1 x 115 (ugly!), f x 115, ps (ugly) 125 (technical PR but not happy about it), f x125, f x 125

Front Squat 1 x 8 x 130. (A set done just for fun).

This was all followed by the customary beer.

Previous PR in snatch and power snatch seems to have been 120 x 2 power snatch, 115 x 1 snatch. I need to do some volume in the snatch at 85-90% of my 1rm full snatch (115lbs, i.e. 95-105 lbs). Next snatch workout: warm-up, then 20-25 full snatch reps at 95 lbs.

Later: more mobility work.

tuesday active rest

AM early: mobility work! on shoulder and forearms; shadow karate/boxing punches.

Afternoon: 10 minutes of playing around with jumprope; pushups (10); weighted +5 pull ups (2); weighted +5 ring dip (1).

Later: Watched two mobility WOD videos.

Evening: hamstring stretches; foam rolling; wooden ball rolling on shoulder and arms; ring dips (2); squat mobility.

Purpose of day: active rest and mobility; gradual introduction of additional training volume.

this is summer

Today CFA announced it’s presenting only “off season” workouts for the next 3-6 weeks, which isn’t going to work well with my “plan apotheosis.” For me, this is the start of summer, and training wise, summer isn’t my off season. Summer, which offers me much greater opportunities for recovery and self-care, is about getting stronger and having fun. I plan to do both. Stay tuned to see what I will do to work around this situation.

a horse stall mat on the concrete slab in my back yard

With this Stall Mat in my Back Yard, I shall Finally Conquer the Double Under!

Monday’s Volume

For the sake of comprehensive training notes, I’m going to list EVERYTHING I did today, and include quantitative data where possible. But I’m going to use short hand, and not explain anything including whatever theory or plan stands behind it.

Pre-CFA: shoulder and forearm mobility work including Karate Punch / Shadow Boxing warm-ups, hamstring flexibility. Pushups (10).

CFA: 400 meter run. Shoulder mobility. OHS 10 x 45#. Pushups (10). Neck Press: about 2 x 6 w/ 65 and 75 lbs, at 2-2-2-2 tempo then because of right (!) shoulder impingement, switch to an Arnold press type movement with 20 lb dumbells for 2 x 6. (Total: 24 reps). Sumo Deadlift: 1 x 8 x 95 / 1 x 8 x 115 / 2 x 8 x 125 at tempo. Ring Rows: 4 x 8 at tempo. Dumbbell Lunge Squats: 3 x 6 x each leg x 20s / 1 x 8 x each leg x 35s.

Post-CFA: One mile run, not timed. Didn’t feel too bad! Bottom of my foot is not too sore.

Later: Walk with kids in stroller downtown and back (to Splashville).

Later: Dead Hang Pull-Ups (2); Push-Ups (10); and about 20 minutes messing around with my jump rope in the back yard.

Later: hauled a new Horse Stall Mat into my back yard (those things are fracking heavy!)

Evening: Mobility work.

friday hang power clean crazy

Friday morning Hang Power Clean 3 rep PR tie (at 145 lbs) and a huge workout of 5 rounds of 3 minute AMRAP 5 Hang Power Cleans (at 115 lbs) and 30 Single Unders (or 10 double unders, I did singles) w/ 3 minute rest and mobility work between rounds. I also hit a new single rep PR on H.P.C.

My past experience with Hang Power Clean is not as deep as I would like; my PR is 3 x 145, which I’ve hit twice before (on 4/5/2011 and 5 x 45 / 5 x 115 / 3 x 135 / 3 x 145 (PR tie) / 1 x 155 (single rep PR; fail on 2)

WOD (5 x 3 min AMRAP: 5 H.P.C. w/ 115 lbs & 30 Single Under Jump Rope): 3 & 1 rep H.P.C. / 3 & 3 reps H.P.C. / 3 & 3 reps / 3 / 3 & 5 reps. Total Hang Power Cleans @ 115 lbs: 87 (volume: 10,005 lbs); Total jump rope singles: 450.

That’s gonna hurt.

saturday squats

Saturday, after the final exam I had to administer at 11:00 am, I stopped by T-Bone’s house, or should I call it “Asheville Barbell Club”? for a mid-afternoon squat session. I warmed up for about 5 minutes jumping rope and half-heartedly practicing some double unders, until my heart rate was up and I was just beginning to break a sweat. A couple of Sampson stretches, shoulder dislocates, and then I began a pretty mellow squat workout. Friday night was rough, a real end of semester blow out, so I was struggling with a foggy head and funny guts, but thankfully, very little pain or true suffering. I was experiencing just enough residual EtOH toxicity to want to keep it simple and slow.


2 x 5 x 135
1 x 155 / 1 x 175 / 1 x 195 / 1 x 205 /
10 x 1 x 215

Volume: 4,230.


My last squat workout was nearly a month ago, and I maxed out that day for 185 for 3 (88% of my 5 RM) and had a small total volume of 1,850 (see 4/1/11).

Since then the weeks have flown by and my schedule hasn’t permitted squatting, amazingly enough. And neither has the “stress” of the open sectionals WODs.

Still, I’ve done some good work in that month, gotten a few new PRs and accomplished some other “feats of strength” (‘feats,’ for me, that is), even though my squat program has been derailed.

In terms of the applied math of training, what I did today was work off my existing 1 RM for squat (225 lbs, set on 2/18/11) , doing 10 reps at 95.5% of my 1 RM. In theory, that should be a good stimulus, and help get me back into the routine of working hard on the squat. The challenge is to get back into the swing of things. I gotta make sure I squat again within the week. Next Saturday at the latest, but possibly as early as Wednesday.

wednesday morning workout

Wednesday AM I made it to the 6:00 am class at CFA. It was a fun class, consisting of warm up, heavy clean pulls, and a 24 minute lower intensity circuit, too complex to describe here (see the link above). The circuit included: rowing, jumprope, wall balls, slam balls, sledgehammers, walking lunges, inverse burpees, and box jumps.

Clean Pulls

115 x 3 / 145 x 3 / 165 x 3 / 195 x 3

I’m certain this was a PR but I won’t bother recording it. It is 15 lbs over my PR clean weight, and 10 lbs over my body weight. I actually did 4 reps at 195 but the 4th rep was really a mistake; I felt my lower back get into an awkward angle as I finished out the triple extension and came back down. I very nearly hurt myself. But luckily I didn’t.


The WOD was more of a recovery/endurance piece. I went at about 80%, and got sweaty, and felt good afterward. It was a nice change of pace from the AMRAPs, or max-reps/effort intervals, or rounds for time that are the usual fare in CrossFit.

TGUs and a 15 min AMRAP

6:00 am crew looking beautiful this morning at CFA. Day 4 of Half Marathon recovery and my knees are back to 90% while my right big toe still has a sprained knuckle. But I got 8 hours of shut eye and had about 10 oz of iced Joe before class so I was feeling zippy and determined.

Warm Up

Jog/crawl complex dislocs mobility pull ups (3, 3, 5) push ups (11), overhead squats (11) GHD extensions (10) k2es (5) t2bs (5) GHD sit-ups (5). Post wod: 5 more pull ups.

Turkish Get Ups

3xeach side x45 / then w/ med balls 10, 25

WOD: “Patty”

AMRAP 15 min 90 single unders (rx’d as 30 d.u.), 20 deadlfts 10 front squats

Rx was 60% of front squat 5 rm but I used only 65 lbs (~45% of my 5 RM).

8 rounds + 90 s.u. + 12 d.l.

Lots of sweat + no joint pain = happy Matt.

Remember: you are awesome.

Nasty Nasty

CrossFit Asheville does Nasty Girls! Squats, Muscle-Ups, Hang Power Cleans! What more could you wish for? Tougher wrists, traps, lats, and triceps, that’s what.


Too little sleep means a fuzzy head at the workout, resulting in, what, a kind of mushy seventeen minutes of sweat but no real measurable/comparable results. What kind of crap is that? And then, it’s Friday, so I get some drinks in me, and it becomes a cheat day. When I feel hungry after dinner, I eat more, and end up overshooting my calorie limits by almost 1200 calories.

Lordy Lordy (Robert is 40)

CrossFit Asheville member Robert turns 40 today. The WOD “celebrates” his joining our 40 and over club.

Interrupted sleep (Orion, crying in the basement again, at 3:45, 4:30, and 5:10 am). Decent nutrition yesterday, but no breakfast this morning. I was late to the workout.


Late, I rushed through. I’ll describe this week’s warm-up tomorrow. Did my push-ups (10), sit-ups (10), slow air squats to a box (10), pull-ups (10, kipping, without leaving the bar!), and knees to elbows (10).

Strength: Push Press

Previous PRs include a 1 rep 145 lbs and a 3 rep 130 lbs. I went to work on a 5 rep for today.

Results: 10 x 45 / 5 x 65 / 5 x 95 / 5 x 105 / 5 x 115 / 4 x 125, fail on 5th.

I’ll take it.

WOD: “Lordy, lordy…”

FOR TIME: 40 double unders Jump Rope (120 regular) / 40 push-ups / 40 box jumps / 40 push press (50-60% of max) / 40 power cleans (same weight)

Press/Power Clean weight: 65 lbs.

I feel like I worked hard. Really rocked out those power cleans, although I sometimes rounded my back and got on my toes. Result: 10:05.