just a little something on a friday

Friday of Week III (July 20). I did what I could today, out in the grey drizzle, late on a Friday afternoon. I skipped Chin-Ups and Dips, mainly because I was so in dread of them, the thought of them made my forearms ache and my mind go dark. I figured, one session subtracted from the month won’t kill me. Maybe I can get the volume back up on Monday. This was a low-volume, low impact day. I felt good about it; it’s been an active week, with training and surfing and sand-work every day M-F. I set a PR in Hang Power Clean, and have brought the HPC up to within 10 lbs of my Power Clean PR, so that will soon budge too, I’d wager.

5 rounds: 5 burpees @ 90 sec

Strength: Hang Power Clean
5 x 95
3 x 145, 3 x 155, 3 x 160 (PR), 2 x 165 (f on 3), 1 x 165; 7 x 2 x 145 @ 30 sec.

1 x 12 x 70 lbs
3 x 4 x 105 lbs


Friday combined sand work and weightlifting. By the end of the day my entire body was shaking, shredded, exhausted.

My “warm-up” properly speaking was about two hours of moving wheelbarrows full of sand up the berm, and digging a deep sandy hole and building a huge sand pile with the kids down on the beach. I was spent from this, but after a short rest, I knew it was time to lift, so I went and did my work.

Burpees: 5 rounds x 5 burpees @ 90 sec

Chin-Ups and Ring Dips: 3 double interval rounds: Chin-Ups 3 x max reps @ 90 sec (4, 3, 2) / Ring Dips 3 x max reps @ 90 sec (3, 3, 2 & -2)

Hang Power Clean. These sets were done at 4 minute intervals. 5 x 95 / 3 x 140 / 3 x 145 / 3 x 150 / 3 x 155 / ‘final’ set (1 x 160, f on 2, 1 x 160, 1 x 160) / extra set (2 x 160, f on 3).

So, while I meant to get a HPC 3 x 160, I did not. But I did do five HPC reps at 160, so there’s that stimulus in terms of volume. My movement (i.e. mobility) is for shit in this lift. I guess I need to do more front squats.

Press: 1 x 12 x 70 lbs / 3 x 3 x 105 lbs

The weightlifting *almost* went according to plan. I got my small goals (burpees, chin-ups, dips, and press). But after Wednesday’s failed reps in squats, came today’s failed reps in Hang Power Clean. So I guess I am feeling just a bit beat down. Rest up, and come back Monday, old man.

heavy day three

Wow the third day of week I of Summer Surf Safari 2012 was super active and heavy. I was dragging by the end, and ravenous. It was Friday, and Johnny C arrived. I extended by eating and drinking window by 2.5 hours to 10:30 and had a bunch of carby crap and EtOH at the end. But still a great day.

Morning Surf: left at 5:00 am for Indian Beach and got in the water for the first time this summer. There was a WNW 4.6ft at 10 seconds and light wind, but not enough water, as the tide was rapidly receding towards a 10:00 am low. Dad went with me. We didn’t accomplish much, but we tried. That’ the thing. We were, of course, alone in the water.

Morning into afternoon beach work: shoveled and pushed wheelbarrows of heavy wet sand up the hill of the berm many many many pounds, all morning and until about 12:45, until my entire body was shaking.

Then took a water break, had a bite of watermelon, a half and hour rest, and then, before lunch, worked out.

Afternoon workout: This was done according to plan, on the driveway, of course. Fun.
5 rounds x 5 burpees @ 90 sec

3 double interval rounds:
Chin-Ups 3 x max reps @ 90 sec (4, 3, 2)
Ring Dips 3 x max reps @ 90 sec (2, 1 & -2, 1 & -2)

Main Strength: Hang Power Clean

Power Clean 5 x 3 @ 3 min
5 x 95
3 x 135, 3 x 140, 3 x 145, 3 x 150, 3 x 155. Completed these as planned.

1 x 12 x 70 lbs
3 x 2 x 105 lbs

Conditioning: none

wednesday squats and an update on my shoulder pain

Week VII, Workout B.

Feeling much more rested on Wednesday I got up super early (4:30 am) and made it to the gym by about 5:20; got most of my workout in before Mike and Lauren arrived.

Warm Up: Row 500m, Res: 7, s/m: 16-18, Time: 2:10; Jump-Rope about 200 single unders; Hip/Leg Mobility.

Squats (alternating with shoulder mobility sets, written just below): 5 x 45, 3 x 95, 3 x 135, 1 x 185, 5 x 190, 5 x 190, 8 x 190 (f on 9). I found that I had to push harder on this than I expected. I think maybe the interval of Friday to Wednesday for heavy squats is TOO long, by at least one day. I missed the optimum window for taking advantage of supercompensation. But I still got my sets and 8 x 190 is technically a PR. This is with body weight of 192, as of Wednesday morning.

Shoulder Mobility: dislocates, “spiders”, rotations.

Bilateral Wrist/Forearm Rehab: 3 x 12 x 5 lb FGDBs: pronated and supinated wrist curls; shrugs; hammer curls & triceps extensions; reverse curls & side delt raises; 400 meter waiter’s walk.

In keeping with my discovery last day that I can perform lightweight barbell movements with both hands, I took our heavy kid’s bar (10kg) and did the following:

Hang Power Cleans: 3 x 5 x 10kg

Hang Power Snatches: 3 x 5 x 10kg

Finally, Push-Ups. Time to start adding volume in these. They are feeling ok!

Push Ups: 3 x 1.

Update on My Right Shoulder Pain

So… I figured out what happened to my right shoulder.

Things improved markedly starting on Monday. I did multiple sets of shoulder mobility exercises Monday through Wednesday morning and kept feeling more and more life in my joint. The shoulder is still sore as all get out. But I came to realize that it wasn’t some piddly little set of low-weight high volume bench presses or deltoid raises that had screwed my shoulder up. After everything shifted back into place, the pain localized, and this triggered my memory. And my common sense.

The localized pain sits more or less on the protuberances of the bones on top of the shoulder: the distal clavicle, the Acromion process, and maybe the Coracoid process. The tissues between, among, and under all these protuberances is also quite sore and complains alot during various movements.

It was while I was contemplating why these bones and tissues on top of my shoulder might hurt, I finally remembered something I had done on Saturday that might have aggravated them.

Oops! On Saturday, while helping T-Bone reorganize the gym, I twice moved around the giant strongman competition implement called “the yoke.” I found out this week that this thing weighs about 150 lbs. And I did not balance this thing properly on my back, as in a walking back squat. I just put it all on one shoulder, the right side, hoisted it carelessly, and moved it around.

This yoke did feel uncomfortable while carrying it; there was intense pressure placed through the tendons of my trapezius muscles onto the distal end of the Clavicle, which in turn was pressed down, affecting the so-called “Acromioclavicular joint” and the “Acromial bursa” beneath it. The pressure would have affected the Coracoacromial, Superior Transverse Scapular, and Coracoclavicular ligaments.

To put a less fine point on it: this point-specific weighted compression probably displaced and bruised some shit, and basically messed stuff up. Definitely stretched and maybe lightly tore some shit. The good news is, I think, this is an eminently recoverable injury… it will be history after two weeks. And I’ve learned a lesson… and some anatomy… for my trouble.

You gotta be careful, Baldwin!

monday “active rest” becomes a “workout”

So, I wrecked myself over the weekend, with “cheating” and “drinkin” and “stayin up late” and that continued into Sunday night, as we sat up with some lovely “long weekend” house guests late into the evening. I maintain that lively conversation with friends, at table, with wine… that is the definition of the good life. So there is no use being a stick in the mud and missing such moments because you “need sleep.”

So, I was up until 1:00 am Monday morning. And I paid for it. The alarm got me up at 5:30, and I was at the gym just before 6:00 am, with only about 4 total hours of sleep (the kids were also up at various times during the night, so sleep was broken).

Week VII, Workout A

I felt like crap and didn’t think I could manage my squats. And I knew I probably wouldn’t have time to do a full workout. So I resolved to do something.

Row 1000m stroke/min: 15-17 resistance: 4 total time: 4:15 (2:07:30 split).

Shoulder Mobility Work (various)

Bilateral Wrist/Forearm Rehab: 3 x 12 x 5 lb FatGripz DBs of: pronated, supinated, and hammer style wrist curls; triceps overhead extensions; hammer curls; reverse curls; curls; pronation/supination.

400 meter farmer’s carry w/ 5 lbs FGDBs.

Forearm/Wrist Stretches and Mobility

Pushups: 1 x 1. My first pushup in the gym since breaking the arm 9 weeks ago!

Plank Holds: 3 x 1 x 30 sec, 45 sec, 60 sec. These were challenging. Later they became VERY painful. Which is awesome. Going to start doing them on a weekly basis. I did them with a PVC pipe in 3 point contact with the back of my skull, the thoracic spine, and the sacrum. These seem like they are great for posture development and for getting HARD in the trunk.

I was putting away a 45 lb bar when I realized, to my sudden surprise, that I could carry it with both hands without pain! To celebrate I did:

Hang Power Clean: 1 x 1 x 45 lbs.


Press: 1 x 1 x 45 lbs.

Then for good measure, and just so I could say I did something I did:

TWO HANDED Squat: 3 x 15 x 45 lbs.

Fun times.

sunday deads, squats, cleans, etc.

Sunday afternoon, in the driveway at “Arch Cape Strength and Conditioning,” I completed the following workout. It made me feel fat and sluggish and weak, but I did it. Almost a week had elapsed since my last barbell workout. Too much time. This workout had slightly more total volume than the last, but other than that, doesn’t have much to recommend it.

Warm Up
1000 meter run
Shoulder mobility
20 jumping jacks
10 push ups
10 x 45 hang power snatch
10 x 45 ohs
10 x 45 back squat
10 x 45 deadlift

5 x 135
3 x 205
1 x 225
3 x 5 x 225
These felt totally doable.

Power Clean
1 x 135

Back Squat
5 x 135
3 x 170
1 x 180
3 x 5 x 180
These felt ridiculously hard. Not fun at all. Especially since they are at only 76% of my 1 RM.

Press and BO Row Supersets
3 x 5 @ 85, 90, 95
I am surprised at how great the shoulder presses are feeling lately! And I am loving bent over rows. Shoulder pain in the left has become almost a non issue. On the right, I’m at about 90%, ironically.

FYI: I did about 10 x 80 yards of light jogging between sets of all the above, a form of active recovery. These just kept my heart rate up just a little bit, and provided a sense of rhythm to the workout, preventing me from standing around daydreaming between sets.

1 x 140, x 160, x 170, x 180, f x 185 goddamnit!!!
This short sequence was a bit disappointing. My form is totally screwed up. On the 185 I clarked the bar; I didn’t even get a proper second pull. On all of the reps the bar is probably way too far out in front, away from my body. But at least I cleaned 180 again as I did last Monday.

Hang Power Clean
10 x 135
I threw these in just out of sheer frustration, and to re-emphasize to myself how important it is to pull close to the body and to get those elbows around fast.

Next workout: focusing on the cleans (Tuesday).

monday at CFA

Monday AM at 6:00 I dragged myself to the old standby workout session at CrossFit Asheville, a workout combining push-press, box jumps, kettlebell swings, and finishing with a high-rep barbell metcon including hang power cleans, front squats, and push presses again.

Push-Press: 4 x 45 / 4 x 75 / 4 x 95 / 4 x 115 / 4 x 125 / 4 x 145

Box Jumps 5 x 24″ / 5 x 28″ / 5 x 30″ / 5 x 32″ / 5 x 34″ / 5 x 36″

Kettlebell Swings (American style with 3 second pause at top): 2 x 5 x 24kg / 1 x 5 x 28kg / 1 x 5 x 32 kg

7 rounds of: 3 hang power cleans, 3 front squats, 3 push press x 115 lbs, with 30 second rest between rounds. Unsure of total time. Somewhere in the middle, not last. Does the actual time matter?

friday hang power clean crazy

Friday morning Hang Power Clean 3 rep PR tie (at 145 lbs) and a huge workout of 5 rounds of 3 minute AMRAP 5 Hang Power Cleans (at 115 lbs) and 30 Single Unders (or 10 double unders, I did singles) w/ 3 minute rest and mobility work between rounds. I also hit a new single rep PR on H.P.C.

My past experience with Hang Power Clean is not as deep as I would like; my PR is 3 x 145, which I’ve hit twice before (on 4/5/2011 and 5 x 45 / 5 x 115 / 3 x 135 / 3 x 145 (PR tie) / 1 x 155 (single rep PR; fail on 2)

WOD (5 x 3 min AMRAP: 5 H.P.C. w/ 115 lbs & 30 Single Under Jump Rope): 3 & 1 rep H.P.C. / 3 & 3 reps H.P.C. / 3 & 3 reps / 3 / 3 & 5 reps. Total Hang Power Cleans @ 115 lbs: 87 (volume: 10,005 lbs); Total jump rope singles: 450.

That’s gonna hurt.

monday hpc’s, neck press, plus running with c & j’s

Monday morning, after a night of not too bad sleep, such as it was, I made it to the 6:00 am class at CFA, rested, fasted, caffeinated… and I thought the plan for the WOD looked good. It turned out to be good, leaving me sore, tired, hungry, and satisfied all day.

Hang Power Cleans and Neck Presses

Behind the neck press was a great follow up to my Saturday lifting session, as were the Hang Power Cleans, although I’m not sure why my HPC is substantially weaker than my clean.

Result: HPCs: 3 x 95 / 3 x 115 / 3 x 135 / f x 155 / 3 x 145 / 3 x 145 (PR tie); Neck Press: 6 x 65 / 6 x 70 / 6 x 75 / 6 x 80. Volume: HPC: 1,905; NP: 1,740.

If I had examined my PRs before attempting the HPC, I would have seen that I already had 3 x 145 and would chosen a different progression, i.e. 95-115-135-150-150. Oh well, next time.

WOD: Running and Clean and Jerks

3 rounds of: 3 minutes work, 2 minutes rest: 200m run, 200m sprint, Max Rep Clean and Jerk @ Neck Press weight + 10-20%. Score is total reps.

Result: 95 lbs; 10-11-10; Score: 31 reps

Fun workout.

Maybe a different plan

I’ve been hatching new plans. I spoke to David Hughes after the WOD. We’ve both been enjoying the knowledge that our recent USAW cert has brought us. Anyway, both David and I want to do more oly lifting, and maybe less straightforward CrossFit training. He’s now coming in and oly-lifting MWF at 6:00 am, which is my workout time. I think I’m going to start joining him in this, next week. We’ll see how that goes. David’s involved in starting the French Broad Barbell Club with Randy and other coaches from CFA. Meanwhile, I’ve been involved in the start-up of Asheville Barbell Club with T-Bone. (The relations between these two institutions, well, that’s another story, and one that I will likely never address in this blog.) Whatever else might be said about it, clearly there’s a new interest in USA Weightlifting in the Asheville area and those who will benefit are those who will spend time lifting and competing.

ninjas getting ready…

At the 6:00 am workout with CFA this morning, the would be ninjas were preparing for Saturday’s contest in badassery

I was there, jack3d up and fed with my aminos and creatine and shit (that’s for you Brian). I also used a chemical sleep aid last night (zolpidem, but who’s counting) in an effort at least to ensure a few hours of consecutive Z’s. It worked, as did the chemical wake up, which was especially necessary in my groggy 5:20 am state. This shit ain’t paleo, of course; but, have you noticed it’s 2010? It’s not like I’m going to take a pill the night before the CFC.

(Also not paleo: last night’s dinner of three carne asada tacos on corn tortillas and tortilla chips with salsa at Tacqueria Fast, followed by gorging on holiday chocolate covered “european cookies” and thick gooey “dutch fudge;” but I weighed myself in yesterday morning at 179.5 and believe me I do NOT want to weigh less than this; I’d rather create an “anabolic” environment with a bit of an elevated insulin state, plus get the seratonin, leptin, etc., going, from the extra carb calories; would it have been better to gorge on meats? probably but right at the moment I’m not worried about any of that shit, I’m just trying to hang tight at right around 183 lbs. I don’t regret the sugar but I do regret the gluten.)

The workout…

Warm-Up: crawling, etc., mobility, dislocates, push-ups (plyometric, 20); pull-ups (dead hang, c2b, but with blue band, 10); hip extensions (12); front squats (light bar, about 11).

Strength: split squats; on floor (5 x leg); off of 20″ box (10 x leg); w/ 8 lbs DBs off box (10 x leg); w/ 10 lbs DBs off box (like, 5-8 per leg); w/ 20 lbs DBs (5 x leg).

WOD: “CFC Peeps” scaled version of “Ninja D”. 3 rounds for time of 5 Hang Power Cleans (w/ 115 lbs), 10 box jumps (24″ box). Result: 1:26. Heck yeah you read that right. I flew through this WOD, definitely finished first in the gym.

Lots of mobility working in there, between things, especially the lacrosse ball on my damn calf. Tonight it’s a full, Starret inspired mobility session, about 30 minutes, before bed. Certainly.

Time for more coffee.