seventh monday

Sigh. Coming into this seventh week of my eight week cycle “back on track,” but that only means: rededicated to dedication. I have a long ways to go to get to sustainability. Rehab from injury? Check. Known adversaries on the horizon? Gotta get ready. Body Recomposition and Training goals? Still to be attained. This is no time for slacking, or to lose focus, or to lose sight of my vision. Work is work, even in the summer.

Warm-Up: karaoke, etc. floor work

Conditioning: ‘spicy burpees’

5 rounds, 3 min interval

8 burpees

8 ball slam, 15 lbs

8 KB swings, 35 lbs

Rest remainder of round

Shoulder Rehab:

Y/T/I 3 x 3 x 10 x 8 lbs DBs

Press 3 x 11 x 25 lbs KBs

Squat Rehab:

HBBS: 4 x 20 x 85 lbs

The Road Ahead

I didn’t do quite everything I had planned for today, but I’m starting to see my way clear to the other side of the current cycle. I’ll be having a little procedure done later this week (let’s call it private but admit it involves one Dr. Brian Cohen) so I expect NEXT week to be pretty damn light, of necessity.

Therefore, I’m not going to return to heavy lifting until start of week one of my next cycle (which will be just 4 weeks long) and the last “cycle” before I drop out of the “cycle” model during the month of July, which will be all about surfing and having fun. And yes, of course, having fun DOES including lifting weights.

More about all that one week from this coming Sunday, when I post the details of my next cycle and plans for the rest of the summer.

weak friday

Friday morning, not enough sleep! And feeling very very tired and sore from the week. Thursday night my right side lumbar was killing me. And I was just not up to much. And what I did, was ok, but it wasn’t much. And made me feel weak.

Warm Up: 4 x 200 meter run / 20 jumping jacks / 20 high knee steps

Followed by Double Interval Superset (six 3 minute rounds):

Dips 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 (=7) @ first 60 sec

Chin ups 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1 (=13) @ second 120 sec

Followed by Shoulder Rehab:

side delt raises 3 x 10 x 10 lbs DBs (pain in right shoulder from this);

shoulder press: 3 x 10 x 25 lbs KBs

Finisher: Burpees: 5 x 7 @ 60 sec intervals

short fast sweaty

Got a bit of a late start Wednesday AM (by about 6:15 am). Pushed myself enough to hurt, not a lot more.

Warm-Up: 4 x 40 meter Prowler Push w/ + 90 lbs on the sled. Couple of minute interval. This was SUCH a good idea.

Shoulder Rehab: front delt raise 3 x 10 x each arm x 10 lbs DBs / shoulder press 3 x 10 x 25 lbs KBs.

Romanian Deadlift: 4 x 20 x 75 lbs. 3 sets with FatGripz.

Burpees: 5 x 7 @ 60 sec intervals. These were hard.

Single Leg Split Squat: 1 x 5 x each leg x 35 lbs DBs / 1 x 5 x each leg x 25 lbs DBs.

That was it. I think.

friday lighter

Friday morning at the gym I was late, and pressed for time, needing to be on campus to give a final exam by 8:00 am. So I kept it short and didn’t sweat the fact that I couldn’t complete a full workout. I was insanely sore from Wednesday on Thursday, feeling beat up and wasted anyway. And even though my back had felt better on Monday, by Friday morning it was not feeling great. SUPER. Recovery from this back thing may take some time. Anyway, it made better sense to make it a “light day,” as it turned out.

Initial Warm-Up: 200 meter run with 50 lb sandbag, followed by 20 jumping jacks and 20 high knees.

Shoulder Mobility

Burpees: 5 x 6 @ 60 sec. Yeah! At least I can brag I did 90 burpees this week.

Shoulder Rehab: external rotations 3 x 10 x each arm x 10 lb DB / shoulder press: 3 x 9 x 25 lbs KBs.

In retrospect, the sandbag runs were a terrible idea given my back pain. Damn I’m an idiot sometimes.

Second Warm-Up: 200 meter run with 50 lb sandbag, 20 jumping jacks, 20 high knees.

Wandered around for a few minutes and then went home.

wednesday beatdown

Warm-up: 4 rounds 200 meter run 20 jumping jacks and 20 high knee steps, shoulder mobility

Shoulder Rehab: side delt raises 3 x 10 x 10 lbs / shoulder press 3 x 9 x 25 lbs KBs

Burpees: 5 x 6 @ 60 sec

Romanian Deadlifts w/ FatGripz: 4 x 20 x 65 lbs

Circuit sets:
5 rounds of the following: Dips x 1 / Single Leg Deadlifts 5 x each leg x 75 lbs / Snatch Grip Fat Bar Shrugs from Racks: 10 x 135 lbs

Done. This left me DEAD all day Wednesday (and sore and tired on Thursday too).

getting better … again

Monday, one week after my back muscle pull. This is the first workout of my fifth week of the current 8 week cycle. The painful muscle pull… or tear… or whatever it was… has subsided to an ache. I was stiff in the morning, but after this rehab-centric workout, I had a pain free day (amazingly) and feel like I am clearly on the mend. THAT IS AWESOME.

Warm-Up: 4 rounds of — 200 meter run, 20 jumping jacks, 20 high knee steps; then — shoulder mobility; followed by — Burpees, 5 x 6 @ 60s intervals. That’s right, 30 burpees.

Oh yeah. My warm up is your workout. I’m like a one man CrossFit affiliate!

Feeling loose and warm now… the rest of my workout was cake.

Shoulder Rehab: Incline Y/T/I 3 x 10 x 8 lbs (10 lbs on first set… was too much). Shoulder Press: 3 x 9 x 25 lbs KBs.

High Bar Back Squat: 4 x 20 x 45 lbs. Empty bar. This is my modified Starr rehab protocol. These felt good. REALLY good. I’m pretty sure they helped cure my back pain. Also cool: first time squatting with a conventional bar since I blew my shoulder out months ago.

Conditioning: 5 rounds of: Farmer’s Carry Box Step Up 10 x 25 lbs DBs (50 lbs) @ 24″, then 50 meter sandbag shuffle w/ 50 lb sandbag on my bag (cleaned it up there). Just straight up work. Did not time it. Probably about 6 minutes. Pretty good workout. I wish I had a 100 lb sandbag, though!

Chin-Ups: 5, 4, 3, 3 (15 total reps, +2 reps from last Wed).

It’s amazing how much easier it is to work out when you’re not lifting heavy. I can’t wait to get back to heavier squats and deadlifts. Maybe next week. We’ll see if I keep on feeling better.

getting a bit better?

Friday morning I was … not entirely prepared for the gym. Back still in pain. Maybe getting better. It’s still too soon to tell how long it’s going to take. After this workout I was in pretty bad pain in the late afternoon; sort of as if aggravating the injury induced an accelerated DOMS. AOMS.

Accelerated onset muscle soreness! What a concept.

Warm-Up: first… 4 rounds of 200 meter jog and 10 jumping jacks. This felt GOOD. Then

Shoulder Mobility, various floor work things, etc.

Burpees 5 x 5 @ 60 sec. Some of these kinda painful on shoulder and back. I feel a wreck.

Shoulder Press 3 x 8 x 25 lb KBs

Shoulder Rehab External Rotations 3 x each side x 10 x 10 lb DB.

Goblet Squat (rehab for back): 3 x 10 x 15 lb KB. These were PAINFUL on my back.

Romanian Deadlift with FatGripz (rehab for back): 4 x 20 x 45 lbs.

Lying Triceps Extension: 5 x 10 x 52.5 lbs, 55 lbs, 57.5 lbs, 60 lbs, 62.5 lbs.

Foam Roller on Lumbar and Thoracic Spine; lacrosse ball on hips, lumbar back, spine, etc.

That’s it.

rehab day 1

well, by Wednesday AM I could move. Let’s just say it hurts most when I try to put on my socks.

Warm-Up: 5 minutes on the airdyne, then, agility ladder stuff. Shoulder mobility. Jumping jacks. High knees, etc.

Burpees: 5 x 5 @ 60s. Surprised, but these were not a problem.

Shoulder Rehab: Front deltoid raises, 3 x 10 x each arm x 10 lbs DBs; shoulder press: 3 x 8 x 25 lb KBs. These were done on a 3 minute interval.

Chin-Ups: 5, 4, 3, 1. 3 minute interval between sets.

Conditioning: 5 rounds, 3 minute interval: 10 farmer carry box step ups with 25 lb DBs (50 lbs total) @ 20″ / 150 jump rope single unders. Most rounds I had 70-55 seconds rest.

It doesn’t seem like much and I suppose it isn’t but it got my heart rate up and kept it up.

My back was OK. While my back is repairing I’ll have to focus on upper body work. I haven’t rewritten my program yet but you can bet I will. While God is still chuckling about this setback I’ll just improvise, lest a new set of plans makes things worse. The lesson to learn here is that, no matter what you think you’re doing, if the plan has to give way then the plan has to give way.

my first day of spring

Last post I talked about my new 8 week training cycle. Today was day one.


Came into the day on target in terms of sleep and diet. A little bit heavy (198) after two days of higher carb refeeding, and a return to alcohol on Saturday.


Warm-Up: Airdyne for 5 min, then 2 burpees on the minute for 5 minutes, shoulder mobility in between, some karaokes.

Shoulder Rehab (sets interspersed with following squat deadlift supersets): “D” swing (bent over diagonal shoulder raise) 3 x 10 x 10 lbs DBs; Kettlebell Shoulder Press 3 x 12 x 15 lbs KBs.

Squat / Deadlift Superset (gymboss timer set at 5:00 rounds)

DL: 5 x 95 / 5 x 155 / 3 x 180 / 5 x 5 x 185

S: 5 x 70 / 5 x 120 / 3 x 140 / 5 x 5 x 150

On all of these I tried to maintain back extension with a rigid and flat lumbar spine. As the video demonstrates, I had only mixed success with this. My back is flat but compared to the natural lumbar curve of some I have seen, has a very slight curve to its flatness. I will not go lower but I will be taking it slow and working on this. The squats, too I did every rep without collapsing, etc.

Barbell Bent Over Row w/ FatGripz: 4 x 10 x 75/80/85/87.5.

The focus here was on extension of the back and full contraction of each pull, hamstring tension, and little to no push-off.

Clean and Press: 10 x 1 x 37 kg @ 30 sec.

Conditioning: Farmer’s Runs: 10 x 50 meter x 45 lbs DBs ( = +90 lbs ) @ 60 sec.

Great workout. Everything felt good.

my monday conditioning

Yes, I did some conditioning work today, even as the clock ticks away counting down to our trip to Oregon.

Monday, round about 1:00 pm, from my home.


20 double unders. Brief mobility work.


25 burpees

walk to course start

800 meter run (1/2 mile run)

walking cool down, 2 min

25 burpees

walk to course start

800 meter run

This was all completed in about 15 minutes. It took me 10 minutes to get off the floor when it was over. It was hot outside, and I am DRENCHED in sweat.