sunday walk

Sunday afternoon at the end of my rope, grading wise, I put my backpack on and left out of Dobra tea, to take about a 45 minute walk through downtown Asheville, consciously breathing through my nose in the stinging cold air, taking the light into my eyes, and seeing what I could see. When I got back home I was tired, and my sinuses ached a bit. But it was good. I was scoping out new routes for next Saturday’s country-urban ramble. There are a lot of forgotten corners and alleys in Asheville. Walls that should be scaled or leapt over. Fences that should be hopped. Steep slopes that should be sprinted. Lines that should be traced.

a little farm work on saturday

Week IX, Workout D

Stopped by ASC at about 11:15 with the kids. Nobody but T-Bone there. Nothing going on. I decided to goof around. Then turned it into a workout. Details as follows:

Warm-Up: 5 minutes on the Airdyne Bike

Goofing Around: 10 lbs FatGrips DBs, farmer’s carries while skipping, and walking, in lines and circles, a few minutes.

Workout: Farmer’s Carries, while running. 10lbs DBs w/ FatGripz handles. 10 x 100 meter @ 90s interval. Farmer’s Carry, while walking: 1 x 400 meters.

Before you call me a pussy for only carrying 1/10th of my body weight on my farmer’s carries, remember, I am still less than 12 weeks out from my broken left forearm. This is really a rehabilitative workout.

It was easy, effective, and fun. My forearms and grip are getting stronger every week.

quick home workout on Monday

Week VIII, Workout B

Not so much of a workout as an active rest day. I took the whole day on Sunday devoting it to the squat, so I needed Monday morning for some academic work. Instead of simply blowing off the day, though, in the early early morning I did some warm-up mobility work and a couple of simple things at home that keep me in track with a couple of my goals.

Mobility: foam rolling spine, hamstrings, glutes; shoulder rotations, spiders, salutations. Wrist and forearm flexibility and mobility, various stretch poses, and movement, including various curls with a dowel and pronation/supination reps.

Push-Ups with Wooden Broom Handle in 3-point contact (back of head, thoracic, and sacral): 5 sets: 2, 1, 1, 1, 1.

Plank Holds two arms extended w/ 3 point contact: 3 sets: 60 sec, 60 sec, 60sec.

(Next time: Push-Ups 2, 2, 1, 1, 1 and Next week: Plank Holds 90 sec, 60 sec, 60 sec).

monday “active rest” becomes a “workout”

So, I wrecked myself over the weekend, with “cheating” and “drinkin” and “stayin up late” and that continued into Sunday night, as we sat up with some lovely “long weekend” house guests late into the evening. I maintain that lively conversation with friends, at table, with wine… that is the definition of the good life. So there is no use being a stick in the mud and missing such moments because you “need sleep.”

So, I was up until 1:00 am Monday morning. And I paid for it. The alarm got me up at 5:30, and I was at the gym just before 6:00 am, with only about 4 total hours of sleep (the kids were also up at various times during the night, so sleep was broken).

Week VII, Workout A

I felt like crap and didn’t think I could manage my squats. And I knew I probably wouldn’t have time to do a full workout. So I resolved to do something.

Row 1000m stroke/min: 15-17 resistance: 4 total time: 4:15 (2:07:30 split).

Shoulder Mobility Work (various)

Bilateral Wrist/Forearm Rehab: 3 x 12 x 5 lb FatGripz DBs of: pronated, supinated, and hammer style wrist curls; triceps overhead extensions; hammer curls; reverse curls; curls; pronation/supination.

400 meter farmer’s carry w/ 5 lbs FGDBs.

Forearm/Wrist Stretches and Mobility

Pushups: 1 x 1. My first pushup in the gym since breaking the arm 9 weeks ago!

Plank Holds: 3 x 1 x 30 sec, 45 sec, 60 sec. These were challenging. Later they became VERY painful. Which is awesome. Going to start doing them on a weekly basis. I did them with a PVC pipe in 3 point contact with the back of my skull, the thoracic spine, and the sacrum. These seem like they are great for posture development and for getting HARD in the trunk.

I was putting away a 45 lb bar when I realized, to my sudden surprise, that I could carry it with both hands without pain! To celebrate I did:

Hang Power Clean: 1 x 1 x 45 lbs.


Press: 1 x 1 x 45 lbs.

Then for good measure, and just so I could say I did something I did:

TWO HANDED Squat: 3 x 15 x 45 lbs.

Fun times.

return of the mile

Week I, “Workout” D

Thursday before lunch (my first meal of the day today) I ran the citgo mile route from my house.

Total time: 8:20. A substantial improvement over Tuesday’s time. This felt like 85-90% RPE.


Not currently actively “training” while I recuperate from this broken arm, but I will record sessions that constitute deliberate attempts to stay active. So I’ve tried doing some “power walking” (aka “walking”) today and yesterday. 15 minutes yesterday. 23 minutes today. These felt good. Walking is enjoyable. I wore my splint during both sessions, and carried a backpack with my computer, cords, and books (total load is not much, maybe 10 lbs).

Walking, for a man my size, typically burns 200-300 calories per hour depending on your speed. You won’t get thin, in other words, walking for 15-20 minutes (50-100 cals) but you will keep the blood flowing and stimulate your hormonal/endocrine system in a good way. Plus, scientists are saying that walking is good for your body mind and spirit. I do believe it.

mon wed thu fri this week

Monday hit CFA 6:00 am warm up included shoulder work then did the WOD. Best OHS # was 12 x 95. Will look up the rest. Afternoon included multiple rounds of jump rope and wood chopping and splitting with axe, 10 lb sledge and 5 lb wedge. Also: pull ups dead hang weighted 1 x +15, 2x+10, push ups (10).

Tuesday I worked on the house, on a ladder, off a ladder, with a sharp scraping blade overhead, knocking down the texture on our living room ceiling.

Wednesday, open gym at CFA, 400 meter run, ohs 10 x 45, push ups 10, shoulder exercises (db press, btn press, t3, rotations). Deadlift, 5×135, 3x5x205 at tempo; squats, high bar, 3 x 5 x 155. Overhead squats, plus cleans, jerks, etc (no racks) 1 x 95, 3 x 105, 3 x 115, f x 130, 1 x 130, 1 x 135, 1 x 135 (PR). Snatch: 1 x 95, 10 x 1 x 105, f x 115, 1 x 115, ohs 3 x 115. Later I did dead hang pull ups: 2 x +15 lbs, 1x +15 lbs; and weighted ring dips: 1x +15, 1x +15. I felt good about the PR Overhead Squat. In the afternoon I mudded and taped in the living room, again on the ladder and overhead.

Thursday, no workout, but, plenty of yard work in the afternoon and into the night, by a fire, with cultivating rake and pitchfork, swinging a machete and axe, deadlifting, carrying, stacking log rounds, throwing branches and limbs. Like a jerk I neglected mobility work and sleep, staying up into Friday AM. This workout is called lumberjacking. I call it active rest. It’s summer.

Friday, no way I could get up at 6:00 am. During the afternoon I performed 4 rounds of: 5 minutes jump rope practice, 5 minutes hauling/throwing/cutting on the downed cherry and crepe myrtle in my yard, i.e. lumberjacking. I’m starting to regain my rhythm in the double under. I think I did a couple hundred of them in my 4 rounds. I could barely move with the axe, so I stuck to the machete and moving heavy rounds. Also: dead hang pull up: 1 x +15. Left shoulder bothering me this evening. Skipped the dips. I feel myself slacking off. I weighed in at 197 today. I drank milkshakes with my kids at Cook Out today. That was fun. Our living room makes the house chaotic. I’m good and exhausted. Off to Durham early tomorrow. Good night.

tuesday active rest

AM early: mobility work! on shoulder and forearms; shadow karate/boxing punches.

Afternoon: 10 minutes of playing around with jumprope; pushups (10); weighted +5 pull ups (2); weighted +5 ring dip (1).

Later: Watched two mobility WOD videos.

Evening: hamstring stretches; foam rolling; wooden ball rolling on shoulder and arms; ring dips (2); squat mobility.

Purpose of day: active rest and mobility; gradual introduction of additional training volume.

More SUP Surfing

Tuesday morning came, and with it a long morning drive to Kahului and a visit to Hawaiian Island Surf and Sport; that got me back in the game for Stand Up Paddle surfing. The guys at the shop had a good humor about my wreck, considering it was a truly nasty ding. Karl, who was helping me, did not make me feel like a kook. He didn’t have to. My first day out on the board and I smacked into some coral? Noob.

Cost me $175 to repair. I added the damage waiver to the remainder of my rental, which is now running to nearly the full cost of a new polyester or epoxy pop-out fun board. Next trip? Anyway… “Whatever you do, don’t hit the Island,” they advised. Indeed.

I got out for about 30 minutes in the late afternoon. Grey skies. 10 knot winds, rough surface, light swell. I paddled as much as I could. And fell a lot. The new board is 32″ wide and 10’1″ long. Very stable, but a different feel than the 11’1″ board I started on (and dinged up so badly). I didn’t ride any waves (none were there to be had).

It’s all good practice.

Stand Up Paddle!

Trying something new: this morning I got up on a stand up paddle surfboard, and went out into the rolling swell in Napili Bay (here on Maui). This was my first time on a SUP surfboard. Man it is not easy.

I didn’t catch any swells, but I did come close once or twice. It’s a real challenge to maintain your balance, and a challenge to get the balanced, stable forward momentum you need, in the right direction, to catch a swell. I’ll get it soon enough.

I am not at all thinking about training at the moment. Just paddling, and some sprinting and screwing around. I’ll try to get some pictures.

In the afternoon I went out for a second session, about 45 minutes. It was great. I caught several swells and rode them like a regular surfer guy. Stand Up Paddle surfing is more challenging than I imagined. Wind, chop, and swells combined produce a seriously difficult challenge to maintaining balance. Core, legs, and arms are constantly working whether you are in motion or staying still.

Unfortunately, on my last ride of the day (it’s always the last ride) I managed to pearl just a bit, and fell, and got myself a most expensive surfing lesson. I was chasing small swells on the southwest end of Napili Bay, where the rocks are shallow. I had several safe rides through a channel in the rocks, but this time I lost balance and fell. Underwater for a moment, with eyes open, I found myself drifting past a wide, jaggedly sharp, hook-like formation of coral that reached up towards the surface. I recall thinking, I might just get killed by something like that. That could gore me, or rip open my back or break my skull. A short time later I paddled in. It was peaceful, beautiful, deadly.

When I got up to the grass, and laid down my board, I noticed a huge and awful looking gash on the bottom, up near the nose. What a ding! I knew right away that the pearl had done it. What an unfortunate mess. Later I called the rental shop in Kahului. This mistake was going to cost a couple of hundred dollars. Holy crap. But to me, surfing is like crack cocaine. I resolved to learn my lesson and move on. And I’ll figure out how to pay for this obsession later.

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