Training Board is…

Training Board is basically my gym notebook.

In theory, I can also blog in a more public spirited way about weightlifting, nutrition, weight loss, etc. But mostly, I just use this blog to track my workouts. And surfing.

If anything I have posted seems useful to you, let me know with a comment.

About Me

I'm a level I "sports performance certified" USAW coach, and I train, and work as a trainer at Asheville Strength and Conditioning, a great little gym here in Asheville, N.C.

I work with clients who want to get strong and fit, and am especially happy with helping older or detrained individuals.

My own training now is more focused on developing strength and using basic lifts and classic strength and conditioning techniques. A lot of the older portions of this blog deal with CrossFit and reflect my journey into fitness self-awareness. I first discovered CrossFit, back in late 2008. I learned a lot from CrossFit's "fitness as sport" model of training -- and benefited tremendously from training with my friends at CrossFit Asheville -- and furthermore I must credit my interest in CrossFit for opening my eyes to the larger world of training for strength athletics, Olympic-style weightlifting, powerlifting, and other arcane approaches to moving the Iron around.

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Is It Paleo? \• October 10, 2010

Life Expectancy of Hunter Gatherers (Paleolithic Humans)

I was first tipped to this by Chris at Conditioning Research, but thanks still go to Henry, a reader of Mark’s Daily Apple who recently provided a link to UC Santa Barbara anthropology professor Michael Gurven and University of New Mexico professor Hillard Kaplan’s three year old paper on life-expectancy in paleolithic humans. The paper, […]

Is It Paleo? \• September 27, 2010

Research Claims Paleolithic Man Ate Zone Diet

Kuipers et al, “Estimated macronutrient and fatty acid intakes from an East African Paleolithic diet” British Journal of Nutrition Online first printing Sep. 23rd, 2010. The canonical “Zone” diet promoted by Barry Sears calls for 30% of calories from protein, 40% from carbohydrates, and 30% from fat. These Rx’d targets are subject to slight variation […]

Is It Paleo? \• September 22, 2010

Beyond 30 days of “100% Paleo”

I’ve been eating an 80/20 (or even 90/10) “Primal” diet for a long time; well over a year, in fact. I began eating what I termed a “flexible-Paleo-Zone” diet in August, 2009. And I’ve read and studied “paleo” ideas of nutrition during all of that time, becoming something of a nutrition nerd. In the time […]

Is It Paleo? \• September 10, 2010

“100% Paleo” (My Food Day in Pictures)

Here’s a look at my eating today. I ate three meals, at about 8:00 am, about 1:00 pm, and about 8:00 pm. Besides these foods, between and after meals I ate almost no snacks. Before breakfast I think I ate a few pieces of apple, and after work, I had a few more slices of […]

Is It Paleo? \• September 15, 2009

Yeah, but is it Paleo? Black Beans

Tackling the question: are Black Beans acceptable on the Paleolithic diet? The answer is, it depends on how flexible you are feeling. And how the beans are prepared.

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