Month Without Alcohol / Food Journal

A few weeks ago, I decided to go alcohol free in the whole month of March. The reasons are not important to detail here, but it seemed like a good exercise. Today is day 13 without a drink. I like drinking. But I would also like a more optimal state of health and I had reason to believe that drinking wasn’t helping my health. A month off was a gift to my body. It’s harder going without my frequent fine companion ethanol on Fridays (maybe especially so on this unlucky one). But what makes it easier to bear is how amazing I actually feel today. I really feel good. I’m serious. Today was awesome. Alcohol is an insidious friend.

So I feel good about that. But also, I feel good about my food journal. Yes, I am back to keeping a food journal. Six years ago, a different me wrote about his love of food journals on this blog. I had forgotten how much I believe in them, to be honest. I was woken from my slumber by Josh Hillis’ words in Fat Loss Happens on Monday, which I recently started reading. I really do believe in food journals. Therefore, six days ago, I started keeping a hand written food and health journal. The details of my diet, metrics of weight and body size, statements of gratitude about my body, my workouts, doctor’s appointments, and other stuff are going in there.

The journalling is going well. It’s a change for me to use a paper journal. But I am loving it. It never crashes, or does wonky things. It is handsome and feels nice to hold. I’ve kept good track of everything this week, and it’s marvelously focusing.

Let me know what you think...