My Gymboss

This is going to sound like an ad, and, I guess it is. My post is not an authorized ad, and the company isn’t paying me. That being said, the image to the left is a real clickable ad. In fact, if you click and then purchase, I get some ridiculously small cut from Amazon for showing you the picture and giving you the link.

Which sounds good to me.

So that’s my full ethical disclosure, made necessary because I really want you to believe me when I tell you that I love my Gymboss.

Why a Gymboss? Does this need to be said? It does for me. Interval timing is very useful in training. I need to remind myself. When I forget my Gymboss at home, my time in the gym is usually less productive.

In the weight room an interval timer allows you more safely to combine substantial weight, higher volume, and shorter time. An interval timer allows you to predetermine rounds, rest between rounds, and fit your workout into the amount of time you have available. For this reason, it is useful for doing all kinds of work. It can do conditioning work from EMOMs to Tabata. On the road it allows you to perform fartleks or walk/sprint intervals with ease. It can even be used for timing rounds between low volume heavy lifting with long rest periods. If you have a good interval timer, it’s like having a coach, no, a boss, a Gym Boss with you.

So, the bottom line is, I try to make this small, lightweight, reliable, cute and functional box, the Gymboss, my constant companion whether I’m out on the road or in the weightroom. It’s not much to look at. It doesn’t have a whole lot of different fancy capabilities. It’s just an interval timer. It’s humble. It’s good at what it does.

Here are some examples. They are just a couple of ideas that I use.

Walk/Sprint Conditioning: I set the Gymboss to double intervals, 4:30 long and 0:30 short, set it to count down six rounds. Then I go walking for four and a half minutes, and sprinting for thirty seconds, six rounds, and it takes exactly 30 minutes to complete the workout.

Hinge and Squat Conditioning: do conditioning with a single kettlebell. Set the rounds to whatever, 12 or 6, the interval to 1:00, and alternate 25 swings and 15 goblet squats; finish your set in under a minute, and rest some before the next set.

Pull and Push: as an example use of the Gymboss for strength you can set the timer for 6 rounds of 4 min, and then alternate bench presses and pull-ups.

And if you can’t figure out how to do get-ups or loaded carries with the timer, I probably can’t help you.

Have fun with it.

Let me know what you think...