Been a while…

You can see it’s been around eighteen months since my last post.

I haven’t stopped working out. Life is busy and complicated. I’ve decided that a blog is not a useful platform for maintaining a training log, because it is not designed for quick searching or for quantifying things. An excel spreadsheet is a useful tool; a text editor is useful; keep it simple.

Anyhow nobody wants to read about every single rep of every workout in a blog. If you’re curious, you can follow my daily training elsewhere. I use Fitocracy to keep track of my workouts publicly, Strava to keep track of my mileage in my weight-vest walking, and Notational Velocity to keep track of everything on my laptop and phone. So I have my logs.

For training I’ve been running 5/3/1. I’m almost done with twelve cycles of 5/3/1. I’m kinda lazy though, and I admit there have been many weeks where I lifted only once. That’s why it’s taken me 21 months to complete 12 cycles!

I’ve changed a lot physically since my last post, in early 2013. In fact, in the past 21 months I’ve both gained and lost strength. Strength, I’ve realized, is a process and I am on the road. Also I’ve gained weight, and lost some too, but less than I gained. and overall I am stronger. But I am still not at all where I’d like to be. I figure, before I start cycle thirteen, I’ll post something here about what I’ve done, but I’ll just hit the highlights.

I had only one reason for blogging about my fitness endeavors—or tracking them online—and that was to create some small feeling in myself that I really am accountable for my own actions. Sometimes I like to think over things in a public way.

When I share the lessons and results of the training I’ve been doing over the past two years, I’m just going to lay it out there.