… followed by seizures?

Last week, I wrote about the intense DOMS. This week, the highlight was definitely JZ’s scary new years day seizure episode. That blew up the whole family this week, not to mention my training. The training still did remarkably well all things considered. I’ve decided that I like 5/3/1 because, at least so far, it’s very forgiving if you miss a workout because of some stressful life crisis. Just do the workout when you get back to the gym and continue the progression.

Monday, Dec. 31st, 2012 (New Years Eve)

Warm Up
500 meter row (1:36)
shoulder mobility, plank, bird dog

5 x 70 (~40%)
5 x 85 (~50%)
3 x 105 (~60%)
3 x 120 (~70%)
3 x 140 (~80%)
8 x 155 (~90%)

Boring But Big Assistance
Bench 5 x 10 x 100 (~57.5%)
Bent Over Barbell Row 5 x 12 x 75 lbs

Mess Around
TGU/Snatch/Swing & Switch Arm/Snatch/TGD … a few reps back and forth.

Wednesday, Jan. 2nd, 2013 (No Workout)

No workout! JZ was hospitalized late on the night between New Years Day and the second. Needless to say I did not show up at the gym Wednesday morning. Zach covered for me.

Friday, Jan. 4th, 2013

5/3/1 1.II.D (Squat)
shoulder mobility
3 x 6 pushups
3 x 4 turkish get ups w/ 35 lb KB alternating arms
lower body mobility

5 x 90 (40%),
5 x 115 (50%)
3 x 135 (60%),
3 x 165 (~70%)
3 x 185 (~80%)
10 x 205 (~90%)
I definitely impressed myself with these 10 reps. I didn’t expect to be able to do them. Also, I was impressed that when I plugged these numbers into the Wendler perceived max calculation formula {(weight x reps x 0.0333) + weight = perceived max} it predicts a 1RM of 270, which is my best effort.

Squat 5 x 10 x 120 (~52.5%). These were fun.

8 rounds: 40 meter prowler +90 lbs @ 2 min intervals.

Saturday New Year’s Celebration at Asheville Strength and Conditioning

We had a party at ASC on Saturday. Fun times. My kids had some fun (see below). And I participated in the Poundstone Curls Stupid Ass Contest. Got 121 reps, so that’s something.

My favorite part of this video is that George Michael’s “Freedom” is playing. Tamara! Curses.

My kids also had fun:

AAAND… here come the DOMS again!


  1. This video is *so* you, Dr. Baldwin. Never quit, make it happen, and strong as hell. I miss working out with you and it still feels like yesterday after 17 years!

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