Progress Analysis

I have completed 12/19 weeks with Zach B programming and have charted some data to attempt to analyze whether this current cycle of programming is helping me progress towards my goals or not.

In the first 12 weeks of the program, my squat went from 240 in week I to 260 at the high point, for an average gain of less than 2 lbs per week. My power clean went from 79 in week I to 85 in week XII, a measly gain of only about .5 kilo per week on average. My press went from a low point of 130 to 137.5 at a high, for a gain of just over 0.5 lbs per week on average.

I do not think these results indicate a clear positive trend. Rather they suggest that I might do better with a different approach.

Let me know what you think...