wednesday bare minimum

No surfing on Wednesday… all for the best anyway. I got in an abbreviated workout. Just the essentials. Third session in a row where I skipped my chin-ups and dips. The very thought of them makes me ache and quake right now. I am totally spent, here in the middle (or is it really the end?) of my fourth week of the current training cycle.


5 rounds: 5 burpees @ 60 sec, walking balance of interval / then jogging for 60 sec


Main Strength: Squat
5 x 65
3 x 155
1 x 195

Then, @ 5 min intervals:
3 x 215, 3 x 230, 3 x 3 x 205. The 230 was real enough, but semi-ugly in the second and third reps.

1 x 12 x 70 lbs
3 x 5 x 105 lbs

Let me know what you think...