tuesday dawn patrol

Good surfing day on Tuesday, left for Indian Beach at 5:05 with Ben and we were in the water by a 5:50 sunrise. High tide was about one hour before, so there was plenty of water when we started, about 5′ or so. Mark Mekenas and crew were right behind us. Mark had his awesome new Linden chambered balsa wood longboard. I happened to have been riding his old blue flame 10′ 4″ Linden that my dad bought for himself… riding it for the first time, actually. No pressure.

The wind was down (but higher, North winds are promised all week, due to the high pressure here and the low pressure system south of us). The cove looked flat. The north end was clean, but small. A larger break beckoned in the middle and to the south end of the beach, but that was considerably junkier. Ben largely stayed north. I was the southernmost surfer (out of about 10 during the morning session). I took some time getting used to the fat blue flame. I also tried a bunch of lefts… catching several. Actually it was a fun morning. Might be even better tomorrow, though it might be smaller.

Let me know what you think...