saturday surprise

Did not expect to get to go out on Saturday. Winds were down the last couple of days, and today was sunny in the afternoon, with the seas growing calmer and calmer. We planned for a visit from Megan and Tom S. and family but they cancelled and so Ben and I … Ben having just returned from Portland … took off suddenly without previous plan and surfed Indian Beach. Before we did I scrambled to prepare enchilada casserole for the family, so my absence during dinner prep time would not prevent people from eating.

The afternoon sun was gone but everything else was right from 4:30 to 6:30 at Indian Beach. Water was above a high low, and getting higher. The water was warm… maybe 62. The air was warm… maybe 75. Indian Beach had bikinis and picnics and a festival atmosphere. Swell was 5′ or so, NW. Winds remained light. It was more junky than we might have expected, but there was a smooth cleanness to the surface nevertheless. (That is not a contradiction nor a paradox, somehow). The middle wasn’t too productive. The current kept pushing us south, into the pot-boiler at the southern end of Indian. We ended up walking back up to the rocks, which was great, actually. From there I had what I hope won’t end up being my ride of the summer, a long clean right that went on and on.

It got sunny again, and the green water and warm conditions were so fun. I did not want to leave. We did have to leave.

At home we were late, and welcomed with some local panic over a missing boy, and wives with tired children, and leftovers and dinner mess to clean up. That isn’t so bad really. The boy turned up, the kids all went to bed… eventually, and I swept up the crumbs while dreaming about surfing.

Let me know what you think...