beach boss

Heavy workout today, in mid-afternoon, in the driveway (aka ACSC) and on the stone berm out front of the house. I was disappointed not to reach my goal in squats this week (why am I so perpetually weak in squats? I cannot say). But I was proud of my “conditioning” workout, which was truly epic. Details below.


5 rounds x 5 burpees & 50 jumprope single unders @ 90 sec

3 double interval rounds:

Chin-Ups 3 x max reps @ 90 sec (5, 3, 1) & Ring Dips 3 x max reps @ 90 sec (3, 1 & -3, 1 & -3).

Squat (HBBS): 5 x 45 / Then… 2 x 5 @ 1 min & 5 x 3 @ 3.5 min: 5 x 65, 5 x 165, 3 x 205, 3 x 210, 3 x 215, 3 x 220, 1 x 225, f on 2.

Technically, 3 x 220 is +5 lbs from last week, which is a success, and it is also a PR for HBBS. I should not have been as disappointed as I was, I guess. But I still cannot believe I couldn’t stand up that second rep. Probably did not have a long enough rest interval. Or perhaps… maybe more likely… recovery has been challenged by surfing on rest days.

Press: 1 x 12 x 70 lbs / 3 x 3 x 105 lbs. Patience grasshopper.

For “Conditioning” today I did something unusual. I went out to the rock berm and moved very heavy rocks for an hour. I set the gym-boss interval timer to 30 rounds of 2 minutes each. Every interval, I would select a very heavy rock from the bottom of the berm, the heaviest I could manage to lift and carry at that moment. All rocks were between about 75 and 135 lbs, I estimate (basalt stones, 12″ to 18″ in diameter). I would set up, and then squat-deadlift the rocks off the ground, and use various techniques to find a position to carry it, mostly a sort of rock-clean motion to the upper chest. But also hang cleans, continental cleans, zercher-style, baby cradle, hang position deadlift walk (aka front farmer’s carry I suppose); lighter rocks (there were a couple on the lower end) went onto my back, a shoulder, or even overhead. I wore gloves. Each rock and each carry was different. I would then carry the rocks about 20 meters up from the beach to the top of the berm, where I threw them, in various ways, into place. Two minutes was a generous work interval, but it “shortened” as the work period went on. The intensity of some of the intervals was extreme. Every interval was a serious workout for the core, arms, hips, glutes, etc. I lost track of the count after about my seventh rock, and then the workout just kept going. I thought the boss would never signal that the thirtieth rock! Thirty reps is a lot. An hour of heavy labor is a lot.

What fun to be strong and to get stronger. I’ll get those squats next week.

Let me know what you think...