good clean fun

Tuesday morning I made my way to Indian Beach bright and early; I arrived there about 5:20, and got dressed and was in the water before 5:45. It was a rising tide, clean, small, fun. Very little wind. Two foot SW groundswell (about 13 seconds). No NW swell or wind-waves at all. I was alone for the first 20 minutes, then was joined by one other surfer… ahh the joys of dawn patrol! I took out my old board and did well with it. Actually… for me, as I caught a bunch of waves, turned into them, etc., all I could think was that nothing beats my Bruce Grant 9’6″ Super Ugly! It was nice to RIDE. So, session #3 of the summer surf safari was a success, and totally fun.

It’s difficult to quantify surfing from a “fitness” standpoint, but I can state pretty well that, at least at my level, one of the main ways that it stimulates the body is through hundreds of repetitions of an arms-only swimming motion similar to the crawl stroke. I don’t spend a whole lot of time working the core or legs in standing on waves… a tiny fraction of the effort is that part. All the burpees I’ve been doing over the past few months easily prepare me for the pop-ups, and my core and legs are strong and flexible enough now to meet the challenge of standing on a wave. It’s the paddling. My shoulders, traps, lats, and triceps were raw and complaining by the end of an hour out there.

Let me know what you think...