week seven last week wrap up

I decided to end my current eight week cycle one week early, at the end of week 7, and to take the next week as a rest week, not an 8th week or a 1st week, and so not subject to a specific training cycle or plan. A week off.

This recap will look back on the entire mess and see where I’ve come and what I’ve done.

Seven Weeks of “Training”

Training wise this cycle was a bummer. It began on April 1st, and my first day of training was April 2nd. But I injured my back right on the first Monday of week four, on April 23rd. After that I abandoned all the carefully devised plans I had for deadlift and squat and auxiliary lifting, and resorted to light weights, high reps, and short workouts. I am probably weaker in my main lifts after seven weeks of this bullcrap. But I can positively attest to greater shoulder strength and stability and much greater capacity in burpees. So there’s that.

Seven Weeks of “Body Recomposition”

The goal laid out for this training cycle was to establish and maintain an average weight of 195 lbs and to improve skinfold and waist measures at that weight. That did not end up happening. The results were GOOD, though, so it is hard to be angry. My average skinfold measure improved from an average of 10mm in week 1, to an average 8mm in weeks 6 and 7. This means that my overall body fat % went down, which is an unalloyed positive. On the other hand my average weight each week has moved from 196.5 at the first week, to a low of 195.5 in the third week, to a high of 198.0 in the sixth and seventh weeks. So I have gained weight and remain three pounds above my target weight. My average waist measure has not improved. In week I the average was about 36.4″ and in week VI and VII it was about 36.5″. I wish I could bring it down (because that would mean reduction in size of my love handles!) but I haven’t yet.

That’s all I have to say with respect to the end of this training cycle. Out with a whimper.

Let me know what you think...