week three recap

Week three of eight went well.

Training: except for a missed conditioning workout on Wednesday and another week of only 2 short sets of chin-ups, all was according to plan. I showed up, put more weight on the bar, worked on extension, did a huge volume of squats and a large volume of deadlifts, and what else need I say? I am getting stronger and I trust my plan.

Body Recomposition: I was in control and reasonable in my eating. The measures all looked better or continued to look good. Average weight for the week was down by over a pound from the past couple of weeks, and cameclose to my goal of 195, falling to 195.6. Average umbilical measure was also down, to 36.3″. Skinfold measure remained low at 9mm. I’m satisfied. Again, I trust my plan.

Let me know what you think...