week ten wrap up (plateau)

After ten weeks of my twelve week training cycle, I’m looking at a bit of a plateau in the body recomposition, and I’m trying to decide whether I have a stall, a setback, or a normal epicycle in my training. I think only time will tell.

Training: I did hit one new PR this week, taking me closer to one of my two training goals. DL 5 x 340. But it wasn’t like what I want. More on that later. Squatting, all I can say is, it’s been two full training weeks since I switched to the safety squat bar, and I love it. But maybe only because I took weight off the bar. Monday is still my heavy day, and although my workout on Monday the 12th was way below my 5 rep max, it was up 20 lbs over the previous week and my total volume is way up. I’m making progress but not like what I’d like.

Body Recomposition: if there is one, the real plateau is in my body recomposition efforts. Basically, not to crunch too many numbers here, I’m doing somewhere between ‘flat’ and ‘ok.’ I had a decent, low weigh in on Saturday morning of week ten, in fact, the lowest on record. But my average weight for the week was actually up from week nine. Yet… the truth is that my average weight has been in a tight range of 200.2 to 200.8 for a month. In other words, flat. There’s no statistically significant change in my weight over the past month. On the other hand, my average waist measurement is down by 1/2 inch in that same one month period (from 37.55 to 37.05). Which seems great, until you realize that my average skinfold measure is totally flat too, where it’s been stuck at 13 for three weeks. I’ll choose to be encouraged by the low Saturday weigh in and the smaller waist measurement to think that all the numbers are going to improve more soon. Especially if I make an effort to tighten up my eating schedule and my diet. Which I’m going to do. Short time… two weeks to go on my 12 week cycle.

Of course, when 12 weeks are up, it just starts again, with new goals… or maybe with the same goals.

Let me know what you think...