week nine report

Week 9 of 12 of my current body recomposition and training cycle. Things went… not great. But not too bad. Sort of flat.

Training: I started squatting with the safety squat bar this week. So, I reset my linear progression; actually I am now doing three linear progressions simultaneously: mon, heavy; wed, light; fri, medium. Pumping the volume of squats WAY up. But it will take time before I am clearly back in PR territory and obviously progressing towards my goal, a 1 RM of 300 lbs. As far as deadlift goes, I didn’t set any new PRs this week, but my deadlift workout on Wednesday was a load/volume PR, as I did 3 x 3 x 315. So, summary is: no discernible progress towards goals, except what can be discerned when you look at the record and say: he’s still working.

Body Recomposition: I started out the week on Sunday with a heavy weigh-in (204.5), following last week’s excesses I was positively bloated no Sunday morning. For three days I was good, keeping clean and long fasting windows (22 hours Sun-Mon, 14 hours Mon-Tue, 18 hours Tue-Wed) and eating very very sensibly (no sugar, alcohol, gluten or snacks), so that by Wednesday AM I was down below 200 and feeling quite good about myself (198 lbs). I pigged out long on Wednesday, had a short fasting window Wed-Thu, consequently weighing in higher (200). Then a better food day on Thu, a longer fasting window Thu-Fri, and came in at 199 on Fri. But I pigged out Friday. And again on Saturday! Saturday weigh in was at 202, up 1/2 pound from the previous Saturday, and the heaviest Saturday since Feb. 19th. But overall numbers, on average, were still trending in the right direction: avg. for week was the lowest avg. yet at 200.21 lbs; average waist measure for week was 37.09, lowest yet; skinfold measure was flat, at 13 mm.

What I really need is a SOLID week of REAL, DISCIPLINED EFFORT.

Too bad week ten is also my SPRING BREAK. Oh well.

Let me know what you think...