week six wrap

As of Sautrday, Feb. 18 I completed my sixth week of 2012’s first, 12 week training cycle. I can report mixed success for the start of 2012, in spite of injuries, illnesses, set backs, what have you, I have been making tangible progress on my two main areas of concern, training and body recomposition.

Training: I took a pause from doing “work” in week six and tested my one rep in deadlift, squat, and press. I set two new PRs in the two lifts for which I have a concrete goal. I pulled 1 x 375 in the deadlift on Wednesday, a massive +45 lb PR and putting me within 25 lbs of my overall goal of pulling 400 lbs. (Of course, I won’t be satisified until I actually pull 405, “four wheels”). On Friday I pushed 1 x 275 in the squat, only a +5 lb PR over the past 6 weeks but an important step towards a 300 lbs, or 1.5 x B.W. squat. I also came within 5 lbs of my 1 RM in the shoulder press, hitting 1 x 120, not bad considering I took months off of pressing after breaking my arm and that my right shoulder is screwed up (and that I’m a pencil neck geek). The lifts give me an implied “CrossFit Total” of 770. I will re-test during week 12. One concern is, I was feeling so spent by the end of the week (see last post) that I actually was contemplating taking it easy or not training at all during week seven. Between fatigue and right shoulder pain… ugh. But this morning, I feel good enough to think about staying the course.

Body Recomposition: week to week, Saturday of week five I weighed in 1/2 lb less than I did on Saturday of week six, 199 vs. 199.5. But the overall trend is in the right direction. My average weight in week four was 206.1, in week five it was 202.14, and in week six it was 201.64. My average suprailiac skinfold measure in week five was 13, and in week six it was 12. My average waist in week four was 38.09, in week five was 37.66, and in week six was 37.46. I am definitely leaning out. I have benefited greatly from drinking much less (only on Friday and Saturday the last two weeks) and I have seen (especially in week five) how much progress I can make when I am very strict about establishing a “clear” daily fasting window. I am very motivated to be QUITE good during week VII, so, I feel confident about my progress.

Overall:I am close enough to my goal weight of 195 (as of Sunday morning weigh-in, about 7.5 lbs away) that I can start to contemplate reaching the goal well before the 12 week cycle is over (possibly within two weeks) and can, after that point, reframe my goal as maintaining weight while increasing lifting capacity, and seeing measurable improvement in leanness (e.g. decreased umbilical measure and skinfold in mm). I am also up to 91% of my goal squat weight and 93% of my goal deadlift weight. I don’t think the evidence suggests I can reach the goals in the next six weeks, but that’s immaterial (was never part of the plan). I just feel good about the numbers and I am beginning to think about the next set of training goals.

Let me know what you think...