week five wrap up

Made tangible progress on both training and body recomposition goals in week five of my twelve week training cycle.

Training: it was a big week for training, including an extra session on Saturday at the Rippetoe clinic. I made a couple of PR’s. PR in Squat on Monday (5 x 255) and PR in Deadlift on Wednesday (5 x 325) both brought me a step closer to my goals. Volume PR for squatting for the week, I am sure of that.

Body Recomposition: my average weight for the week was 202.14 lbs, down from 206.1 the previous week, for an average of 4 lbs lost. I ended up the week on Saturday at 199 lbs, down 6 lbs from the previous Saturday. The average waist measurement also improved: avg. 37.66 in week 5 down from avg. 38.09 in week 4. I also began taking skinfold measures this week. The average measure hovered around 13 mm (location is the right suprailiac). (The charts I have estimate that I am around 18-19% body fat, which actually seems a little high; almost all my visible body fat is in the love handles and belly.) I look forward to seeing the trend in this number in the coming weeks.

The reason for this week’s success in body recomposition is simple: I didn’t drink in the evenings except on Friday and Saturday. And I skipped sugar and desserts. I kept my eating windows clean and my fasting windows were tight. I fasted a minimum of 14 hours each day, with two 18 hour fasts during the week. The usual practice was no food from 6:00 pm to 8:00 am (with training, of course, from 5:00 am to 7:00 am, in a fasted state, with BCAAs). Basically, everything went according to PLAN, and more importantly, the plan gave me RESULTS.

Keep the plan the plan, keep the goal the goal.


  1. I think we drank enough on Saturday night to make up for not drinking the rest of the week.

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