monday again

Monday am early at ASC. Warm-Up on the Cycle, 5 minutes. Floor work and lots of mobility. Then squats.

Squat: 5 x 45 / 5 x 157.5 / 3 x 235 / 1 x 250 / 4 x 255, fail on 5 / 4 x 255, fail on 5. Still a PR! Never done 255 for 4 reps before.

Romanian Deadlift: 5 x 135 / 5 x 155 / 5 x 175 / 5 x 195* / 2 x 10 x 135. *195 is too heavy for me to do RDLs at this time.

Then, I did 3 rounds of:

Chest to Deck Push Ups x 10

Two Handed Kettlebell Clean and Pres x 10 x 25 lb KBs

Not for time, but, at a reasonable pace.

{Ed. Note: I was really freaking sore later!}

week three recap

Week three of my 12 week plan ended on Saturday, Jan. 28th. The results were mostly positive, but again mixed.

Training: I hit two new PRs, just like in week two, bringing me five pounds closer to my goal lifts in both of my goals. New Squat PR of 250 x 5 on Monday, and new Deadlift PR of 320 x 5 on Wednesday. {Ed. additional useless babble deleted later}

Body Recomposition: unfortunately, to a certain degree I continue to undermine my own efforts. Since I began this program, with the intent of being deadly serious about body recomposition, I have been “cheating” on my 85% paleo/primal, IF-infused diet, usually about 2x per week. This week, it was only 1x so I guess that’s progress. Most days this week I kept a clean eating pattern, with a clear division between feeding periods (6-12 hours) and fasting periods (12-18 hours). But on Saturday I had a big calorie, long eating window day (15 hours, from 9:00 am until 12:00 midnight), and besides eating a bunch of potatoes and fruit (at breakfast) and corn (in the form of tortilla chips and tacos), also had some ice cream (at an afternoon toddler birthday party, and late at night again), chocolate sauce (at night), a cookie (at night), and a slice of pizza (at night). Call it a carb loading day or a carb refeed. If you can stomach the hypocrisy. Really, it’s just uncontrolled rebellion against my best intentions for my diet. I wont get the results I want if I binge 1-2x per week. Period.

Saturday night is definitely the right time of the week for my binges, for what it’s worth. Saturday AM I had my lowest weigh-in of the week, down 5.5 lbs from the previous Sunday weigh in, and 4 lbs from the previous Saturday weigh in. Did I really lose 4-5 lbs for the week? No way. My average weight during Week Three was 205.4, down 0.6 lbs from my average weight during Week Two (206), but still up 1.4 lbs from my average weight during Week One (204). Am I making progress? Maybe, but it’s mixed.

Sunday AM, today, first day of week IV, I was up four pounds from yesterday, at 207.5 (and that was after the morning Constitution, as they say). That is down 1.5 lbs from the previous Sunday.

The good news is that, no matter how you look at the numbers, I am, overall, down for the week. Not by much, but down. Probably, it’s most accurate to guess that I actually lost 1/2 pound … of fat, I hope! … for the week.

The only problem I see with that number is, that, at that rate, I won’t make my goal of 195 after 9 more weeks of this up and down yo-yo primal plus cheating and IFing diet.

Gotta get my act together.

all good all good

Friday AM, a good workout. I laid off the power cleans and KB swings, out of deference to the fact that my left forearm was weirdly pained and achy all week. I obviously overstressed it, but I’m not sure how. It wasn’t pained by what I did today, and by day’s end it’s feeling better, so, I’m feeling optimistic that it was just a soft-tissue issue.

Warm-Up: Airdyne, Floor Work, Mobility.

Squat: 10 x 45 / 5 x 155 / 3 x 205 / 1 x 225 / 6 x 3 x 230. Just working. Second week (out of 4) at 230 for these Friday work sessions.

In between squat sets… Pronated and Supinated Wrist Curls: 5 x 20 x 3 lbs DBs.

Deadlift, fatbar, double overhand: 3 x 5 x 180 lbs (+5 from last Friday). These are getting tougher to hold on to through five reps.

Chin-Ups, Orange Band, RBAR style, same hole as Monday: 3 x 12. Completed all sets. Had to SQUEEZE out that last rep though. Will move one hole down week after next, when I bring these back.

Double Kettlebell Cleans and Presses: 3 x 10 x 25 lbs KBs (each hand).

feeling good feeling bad

So so. Wednesday AM my workout was decent. But in the aftermath I notice that I seem to have messed up my (formerly broken) arm.


Deadlift: 10 x 45 / 5 x 165 / 3 x 275 / 1 x 300 / 5 x 320 (PR). I will not celebrate this PR too much. Tamara was present and was checking out my form. She called the PR ugly. It may have been (I couldn’t see it). I think I need to back off for the next two weeks and do some very heavy work instead of trying to set a new PR.

Press: 10 x 45 / 5 x 75 / 3 x 95 / 3 x 5 x 102.5. (+2.5 lbs from last week).

Turkish Get Ups: Continuous effort for 5 minutes. Alternating arms x 35 lbs Kettlebell.

I am worried about my arm. There is pain in the radius. If I had pain during workouts, I didn’t notice it other than the usual wrist discomfort. But now, it’s hurting. I am worried that recent work may have overstressed the bone and/or plate and microfractured something. Monitoring the situation. What else can I do? I am probably going to stop power cleaning and kettlebell swings for at least two weeks. I will probably substitute conditioning work of some kind.

monday like friday

In my program Monday is like Friday is like last Monday. I’m loving the simplicity. The pattern of auxiliary lifts is different but the bones are the same.

Warm-Up. Cycle, floor work, mobility.

Squat: 5 x 45 lbs / 5 x 160 / 3 x 225 / 1 x 245 / 1 x 250 / 5 x 250 lbs (PR)

Power Clean: 5 x 40 kg / 5 x 60 kg / 3 x 65 kg / 3 x 67.5 kg / 3 x 70 kg / 3 x 3 x 50 kg (total volume: 28 reps / 1557.5 kg, avg. load 55).

Bent Over Rows, FatGripz, 3 x 5 x 110 lbs (+2.5 from previous).

Chin-Ups, Rippetoe Band Assist in Rack style (R-BAR style?) (1 hole lower than prior week): 2 x 12 / 1 x 10, f on 11 / 1 x 2. Will repeat hole on Friday.

One Arm Kettlebell Swings: 3 x 18 x each arm x 35 lbs. On the third round I switched between right and left arms in mid-swing on the 18th rep; should have done that each round.

Other than the KB swings, no conditioning.

week two wrap up

The second week of my 12 week cycle ended on Saturday, Jan 21st, and here is my report.

Training: I hit two new PRs during the week of Jan 15th to 21st. Mon, Jan 16th, I squatted 5 x 245. Wed, Jan 18th, I deadlifted 5 x 315. These both show that I am continuing to make strength gains.

Body Recomposition: depending on how you look at it, my Body Recomposition efforts may be on track or off course.

Since the start of the year I have lost on average .6 lbs per week. That’s on average. The actual data does not encourage me much. Sunday weigh-ins since the start of the year are lower overall, from first weigh in until today. But my Sunday weigh-in has increased slightly each of the past two weeks: Jan 1st, 211.5; Jan 8th, 206; Jan 15th, 207; Jan 21st, 209 lbs. I am keeping an eye on the situation.

Averages of daily weigh in numbers tell a slightly more favorable story: average weight during Week Zero (Jan 1 to 7) was 208.1, Week One was 204.0, Week Two was 206.0. What happened was this: during Week One I did more fasting (including a 24 hour fast) and my weight fell precipitously from Week Zero. One reason why my average weight went up so much was that I cheated on both Friday and Saturday nights of the end of Week 1 and on Friday and Saturday nights at the end of Week 2. The result of all that cheating was a loss of momentum in weight loss (or fat loss), but my will to succeed does not change.

My average umbilical measure has also come down, from 38.7 (avg. Jan 1 to 7) to 38.1 (avg. Jan 15-21).

On balance I am not dissatisfied. I am staying motivated and I believe that week three will restore a downward trend to the data.


Workout 2012-01-20


Squat 5 x 45 / 5 x 155 / 3 x 205 / 1 x 225 / 5 x 3 x 230

Deadlift, Fat Bar 3 x 5 x 175

Power Clean 5 x 35 kg / 5 x 50 kg / 3 x 60 kg / 3 x 65 kg / 3 x 67.5 kg / 5 x 60 kg

Push Ups 1 x 10

another week another deadlift PR

Early AM at ASC. Got off to a later start. A bit weird around my head but otherwise fine. Plenty of sleep. Had a pretty nice strict fast from 6:30 the previous evening. Weighed in at 204.5 this morning.

Warm-Up: a bit of jump rope, floor work, rowing machine, mobility.

Deadlift: 10 x 45 / 5 x 160 / 3 x 245 / 1 x 300 / 5 x 315 (PR). Yawn. Another deadlift PR. +5 lbs from last week. Got my “three wheels” on the bar. This is starting to feel heavy.

Sort of supersetted:

Press: 10 x 45 / 5 x 65 / 3 x 85 / 1 x 95 / 3 x 5 x 100. +5 lbs from last week. Felt pretty good. This was a post broken arm psychological PR from me.

Back Squat: 5 x 45 / 4 x 8 x 110. +5 lbs from last week.

Jump-Rope: 5 x 100 single unders.

monday new squat pr

Warm-Up: Airdyne, 5 min or so, floor work of various kinds (high knees, mountain climbers, deadlift walk, karaoke, power skip, bounding), then stretching hips, hams, quads, calves, mobilizing shoulders, forearms, wrists, etc.

Squat: 4 x 45 / 5 x 155 / 3 x 225 / 1 x 235 / 1 x 245 / 5 x 245 (PR). Kinda ugly but real.

Power Clean: 5 x 30 kg / 5 x 1 x 55 kg / 2 x 3 x 65 kg / 2 x 65 kg, f on 3 / 3 x 65 kg / 5 x 1 x 50 kg.

Bent Over Barbell Row w/ FatGripz (from floor): 3 x 5 x 107.5.

One Arm Kettlebell Swings: 3 x 15 x each arm x 35 lb KB (90 reps total). Rested about 1 minute between rounds.

week one wrap-up

After my first week of my 12 week cycle, I am ashamed to say, my results were mixed.

Training wise, I hit a new PR on Wed., in the deadlift, a nice follow up to the previous Friday and Wednesday’s PRs. So, count the week as bringing me progress in my lifts.

Body Composition goals wise, less impressive results. The week began on Sunday, Jan. 8th with a weight of 206 and a belly measure of 38″. It ended at 205.5 and a belly measure of 38.38″, so roughly flat to fatter. During the week my average waist measure was 38″ and my average weight was 204. I even saw 201 on Friday morning at the end of a 24 hour fast. I did long fasts most days during the week and ate responsibly, and seemed to strip weight quickly. But I bounced right back up higher than I’d been the previous Sunday by today. I was planning to do one cheat, after I saw 201 on Friday morning. But I probably should have waited until Saturday before binging. Cause then I did it again on Saturday anyway!

Back to IF and primal fare for the rest of the week! I’m hungry. Grrr.