unplanned rest

Monday morning. Sunday evening I cancelled my training, got T to cover 6:00 am open gym. I cancelled my work, all my classes. I am sick. Sore throat, sinuses, continued semi-productive cough in the chest. My mouth is dry and pasty and painful. This sucks ass.

I first started feeling sick on Friday, the 21st of October. Five weeks and three days ago. By the 28th of October I was complaining of bronchitis and laryngitis symptoms. On the 31st I saw my doctor; starting on the 2nd of November I did a 5 day course of antibiotics (Z-Pack) that ended on the 6th of November. At first, I felt much better. The cough symptoms went away, but not entirely; the larygitis went away, but I had post-nasal irritation and drip. By the 16th I was feeling a bit run down; by the 18th I was feeling rather sick again; and over the 19th and 20th a sore throat came raging in and my sleep has deteriorated terribly.

I will show up to the gym on Wednesday and Saturday, and possibly even Friday this week but not to train; just to coach. I will ride the airdyne or row the ergometer for 5 minutes, then do mobility work, then ride the airdyne or row on the ergometer for 10 minutes at an EASY pace. That will be all. A rest week is needed. The following week I will return to my training in earnest.

Let me know what you think...