so fracked in the head

Week XI, Workout D

Cold morning. Fall is upon us. I stopped in on Saturday to ASC for some conditioning work.

Matt Smith and Brian Cohen were there, doing real conditioning work. And Sean Clickner too, doing crazy and fun stuff. All of them make me look like a child. But I have my plan… I’m slowly, very slowly, building back up into this shit. And besides, I’ve got my rehabbing forearm to blame, along with a very stubborn and evil case of grody laryngitis and bronchitis! Holy hell I feel like death warmed over.

Warm-Up: a couple of minutes on the Airdyne cycle.


Three Rounds:

Prowler Push (+30 lbs; I used the ugly, short, high friction, rusty prowler): 50 meters; 10 nose breaths; 50 meters.

100 meter waiter’s walk w/ 15 lbs DBs, FatGrips.

200 jump-rope single-unders.

So, 300 meters with the prowler, 300 meters waiters walk, and 600 single unders.

It was enough to almost kill me. And that’s enough. For now. Getting there.

Let me know what you think...