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Week VI, Workout A

Somehow I’ve been kicking it, day after day. Today, I did a warm up on the rower, 1000 meters, 4:48, a 12 second improvement, or so, over last effort. No pain. Then a bunch of single unders with the jump rope. Maybe 400. A good warm up. Shoulder mobility. Then 3 x 15 x 3 lbs FatGripz Dumbbells, Bilateral Forearm/Wrist Rehab: supinated & pronated wrist curls; hammer curls and bent over rows; curls and high pulls; shoulder press and deltoid reverse flyes; bench press and side delt raises; forearm pronation and supination. Then back squat: 3 x 45, 95, 155; 2 x 5 x 180; 1 x 10 x 180 (PR). I impressed myself, until I thought about how much stronger some people are. This impresses me because it would put my theoretical 1 RM at about 240, or +5 from my last 1 RM test. But I am not spent, and I fully expect to keep getting these sets of 10 for the time being. No conditioning today.

A Couple of Notes on Diet

I am trying a cut. Weight was 199 on Saturday evening. And still 199 on Monday morning. But I am trying a very low carb protocol, without alcohol, for about 12 days, to see if I can shed a couple of pounds of fat. I’ll report back more on this later.

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