food journal 035-048

14 days ago I posted a food journal entry. 13 days ago I broke my left arm skimboarding. I haven’t posted much. I have some pictures and video of me skimboarding this summer, and x-rays, and post op photos. I’ll publish them all here in good time. I plan a post about pipoboarding. I wish the photos and vids were of higher quality and didn’t show off my gangly sports style, but whatever.

I’ve continued to eat the way I have. Light or no lunch. Protein heavy breakfast with minimal fruit or other carbs. Veggies, a little starch, and meat for dinner. Night time cheating with (small amounts of) alcohol and (rather larger amounts of) sweets and sugar. I’ve been nearly 100% gluten free over the past two weeks. I’ve added glasses of milk and whey protein also, since breaking the arm.

No working out at all. Strictly mobility and stretching.

Weigh in on Tuesday, Aug. 9th, 3:30 pm: 190.5 lbs.

Let me know what you think...