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There are lessons one can only learn from surf and sand.

What a glorious week of skimboarding sessions… afternoon low tides Monday through Saturday meant that most days we were out kicking the pipoboards around. Also, great weather, and friends in town, meant lots of kids on the beach, and a heck of a lot of shovel time. Over the four day period of Wednesday through Saturday, Ben and I built three HUGE sandcastles for the kids to play in. Shoveling wet sand, digging moats, etc., we moved a couple of tons of gray basalt sands. This is much more of a workout than you might think. I definitely hardened up my hands a bit more. It was so fun to see the kids playing on these castles, splashing in the moats, screaming in delight as the waves washed them away. Hendrix was repeatedly invoked.

Surfing 10. Wednesday morning July 20th we hit Indian Beach for the super early dawn patrol session. Ben and I left Arch Cape at about 5:00 am, arrived at Indian Beach just about 5:30 am, got suited up, and spent about 80 minutes in the water. The old guys (Mark from Cannon Beach Surf and friends) were also out there. It was a lot of fun. The water was warm, the surface was clean, the swell was 4 feet, the tide was pretty high. I had a couple of good rides. I was back on the Doyle, newly repaired by Sandy at Cannon Beach Surf. Sandy was out there too, showing how it’s done… since 1957, I believe he said, in the parking lot after the session.

An ultimate pipoboarding session. Thursday evening July 21st, Ben and I hit the super deep dark gloaming on the beach at Arch Cape for an evening mid-tide pipoboarding session that was out of this world. Unforgettable, yet, indescribable, so probably doomed to oblivion. The light. The perfect flat sand. The utterly still air. The “warm” summer waters.

Surfing 11. Friday morning July 22nd we went back to Indian Beach for another dawn patrol. It was similar to last time, but much junkier, much much junkier. Fewer people in the water. We spent only about 60 minutes and then gave up. Again, I got a couple of good rides in. So I was happy. But it could have been better.

Friday afternoon was serious sandcastling and pipoboarding time.

We planned on another session for Saturday AM but I was SO SO SO wiped out after the week of debauchery and sand play that I opted instead for a sleep-in.

Saturday was another castle day and pipoboarding session. I got video and photos of our last sandcastle, and my dad got some ok video of my fat ass on the pipoboard. I’ll update this post later with some photos and youtube on the fun times.

Days of heaven.

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