food journal 016

Friday July 8th 2011

Lousy sleep and only 11 hours of fasting under my belt when I ate breakfast at 8:30 am:

Coffee w/ half half
3 eggs fried in butter
Leftover kale greens made w/ onion, olive oil and salt
Fried leftover russet potato (a couple of oz)
Sausage patties (maybe 3 oz)
Two small gluten free pancakes
Apple cinnamon syrup (homemade)

Later: coffee w/ half half
Couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter
Couple of strawberries

After workout at 2:00 pm:
1 beer

2 rockfish tacos: rockfish, lime butter, sour cream, pico de gallo, corn tortillas
corn chips, strawberries, more sour cream and pico de gallo
1 gluten free chocolate chip cookie

… very satisfying post-workout eating …

iced coffee w/ half and half; shot of Kahlua in dere

for dinner, about 6:00 pm:
sweet potatoes, several oz
lacinato kale, about a cup
broccoli, about 1/2 cup
10 oz steak
shot of whiskey

post dinner snackage… it’s Friday and the folks are back in town… I kept nibbling for a while… while finishing a novel in an easy chair. Didn’t stop eating until about 11:00 pm.

shot of vodka, shot of whiskey
almonds and chocolate chips
vanilla ice cream and strawberries
cheddar cheese and salami

Definitely a cheat day!

Let me know what you think...