food journal 015

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Ate breakfast at 8:30 am, after 13.5 hours of fasting. Got about 10 hours of sleep overnight, almost unbroken (except for a brief get up from 5:10 to 5:20 am, during which time I decided to bail on surfing). Felt awesome.

Wild Salmonberry from the margins of Oswald West State Park in Oregon

8:30 to 9:15 am
Coffee w/ half and half
3 smallish gluten free pancakes with butter and real maple syrup.
4 oz. or so of breakfast sausage patties
2 eggs fried in butter

After breakfast:
more coffee w/ half half

Around “lunchtime”
very small piece of leftover breakfast sausage
more coffee w/ half and half

Note: for some reason, I’m just not interested in lunch. Truth be told, I didn’t much feel like eating breakfast either, at least, not until I started eating it!

On a walk with the kids in the late afternoon: a few wild salmonberries. They are peaking right now. Slightly sweet, slightly sour, slightly bitter. Strange and wonderful.
For dinner about 6:00 pm: a handful of corn chips, rockfish tacos (4 of them) with six corn tortillas, totalling about 57g carbs), with lime butter, sour cream, and fresh pico de gallo, and probably about 10 oz of grilled rockfish. Perfection. Plus 1/2 cup of white rice, some boiled carrots, and sauteed spinach. At the end: a couple of small squares of dark chocolate.

For dessert at about 9:00 pm: 3 gluten free homemade chocolate chip cookies, about 1/2 pint of vanilla ice cream; a very small number corn chips. And to bed early.

So, yes, I ‘violated’ my eating window, and rules against refined grains (pancakes, cookies, tortillas) and sugar (ice cream, cookies). But I feel ok. And overall, it was not a particularly “high calorie” day.

Let me know what you think...