this is summer

Today CFA announced it’s presenting only “off season” workouts for the next 3-6 weeks, which isn’t going to work well with my “plan apotheosis.” For me, this is the start of summer, and training wise, summer isn’t my off season. Summer, which offers me much greater opportunities for recovery and self-care, is about getting stronger and having fun. I plan to do both. Stay tuned to see what I will do to work around this situation.

a horse stall mat on the concrete slab in my back yard

With this Stall Mat in my Back Yard, I shall Finally Conquer the Double Under!

Monday’s Volume

For the sake of comprehensive training notes, I’m going to list EVERYTHING I did today, and include quantitative data where possible. But I’m going to use short hand, and not explain anything including whatever theory or plan stands behind it.

Pre-CFA: shoulder and forearm mobility work including Karate Punch / Shadow Boxing warm-ups, hamstring flexibility. Pushups (10).

CFA: 400 meter run. Shoulder mobility. OHS 10 x 45#. Pushups (10). Neck Press: about 2 x 6 w/ 65 and 75 lbs, at 2-2-2-2 tempo then because of right (!) shoulder impingement, switch to an Arnold press type movement with 20 lb dumbells for 2 x 6. (Total: 24 reps). Sumo Deadlift: 1 x 8 x 95 / 1 x 8 x 115 / 2 x 8 x 125 at tempo. Ring Rows: 4 x 8 at tempo. Dumbbell Lunge Squats: 3 x 6 x each leg x 20s / 1 x 8 x each leg x 35s.

Post-CFA: One mile run, not timed. Didn’t feel too bad! Bottom of my foot is not too sore.

Later: Walk with kids in stroller downtown and back (to Splashville).

Later: Dead Hang Pull-Ups (2); Push-Ups (10); and about 20 minutes messing around with my jump rope in the back yard.

Later: hauled a new Horse Stall Mat into my back yard (those things are fracking heavy!)

Evening: Mobility work.


  1. 5:30 my house – back squats, hand stand pushups, backyard WOD of 10-9-8-…-3-2-1 pullups, 1-2-3-…-8-9-10 box jumps.

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