saturday squats

Saturday, after the final exam I had to administer at 11:00 am, I stopped by T-Bone’s house, or should I call it “Asheville Barbell Club”? for a mid-afternoon squat session. I warmed up for about 5 minutes jumping rope and half-heartedly practicing some double unders, until my heart rate was up and I was just beginning to break a sweat. A couple of Sampson stretches, shoulder dislocates, and then I began a pretty mellow squat workout. Friday night was rough, a real end of semester blow out, so I was struggling with a foggy head and funny guts, but thankfully, very little pain or true suffering. I was experiencing just enough residual EtOH toxicity to want to keep it simple and slow.


2 x 5 x 135
1 x 155 / 1 x 175 / 1 x 195 / 1 x 205 /
10 x 1 x 215

Volume: 4,230.


My last squat workout was nearly a month ago, and I maxed out that day for 185 for 3 (88% of my 5 RM) and had a small total volume of 1,850 (see 4/1/11).

Since then the weeks have flown by and my schedule hasn’t permitted squatting, amazingly enough. And neither has the “stress” of the open sectionals WODs.

Still, I’ve done some good work in that month, gotten a few new PRs and accomplished some other “feats of strength” (‘feats,’ for me, that is), even though my squat program has been derailed.

In terms of the applied math of training, what I did today was work off my existing 1 RM for squat (225 lbs, set on 2/18/11) , doing 10 reps at 95.5% of my 1 RM. In theory, that should be a good stimulus, and help get me back into the routine of working hard on the squat. The challenge is to get back into the swing of things. I gotta make sure I squat again within the week. Next Saturday at the latest, but possibly as early as Wednesday.


  1. Awesome. Great work!

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