open sectionals WOD 6 aka super fran!

I missed Monday’s WOD for reasons of LIFE intervening, but I needed the rest anyway. I spent a total of about 6 hours on Saturday and Sunday moving a couple of tons of dirt in my back yard, swinging a pick axe, using a shovel, operating a wheelbarrow. So I was sore sore on Monday and Tuesday. And then stiff and in need of rehab on Wednesday.

But there was no rehab for me.

Wednesday AM at 6:00, we did the open sectionals WOD 6.

Super Fran

I’ve never done Fran as Rx’d, and here I was faced with Super Fran: Greg Glassman’s latest variation on “Fran” the famous 21-15-9 Thrusters (95 lbs) and Pull-ups WOD. Super Fran (as only I seem to call it) is a 7 minute timed ladder, of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 etc., of Thrusters (100 lbs) and Pull-Ups. Score is reps. The most I’ve ever done Fran with was 85 lbs. I would be bumping it up to 100 lbs for this WOD. But the Thrusters didn’t scare me. I’ve not been training Thrusters too much lately but my Front Squats are decent, my push-press is decent, and I had no worries. It was the pull-ups that I am scared of.

No matter. The Iron doesn’t lie. I did what I did and that was all that I did.

Score: 52 reps. That was complete rounds of 3, 6, 9, plus 12 Thrusters and 4 pull ups, for a total of 30 Thrusters and 22 Pull-Ups (Fran is 45 of each).

Considering the elite athletes can do Fran in sub 3 minutes, my showing was not at all impressive. But it’s my showing. And I’m done for now.

Behind the Neck Press

After the WOD: Behind the Neck Presses, at tempo.

Results: 10 x 45 wide grip / 10 x 45 narrow grip / 5 x 75 / 3 x 95

On Being Done with Open Sectionals

By no means do I care whether the results I got in WOD #6 today are the best possible for me. By no means. Might I get a couple more reps on Saturday or Sunday? Maybe so. But it wouldn’t make a great deal of difference, and I would rather return to my regularly scheduled training plan. And I’m just glad to be done.

I know I didn’t come in last place nationwide or in my region. That’s enough! Some other sucker came in last. So, I can hold my head up and say: I did this! I more or less did this.

After 6+ weeks of doing a “competition” WOD every week, I’m done. I done being reminded, again and again, of how many areas of real weakness I carry with me as a “CrossFitter,” if that’s the right word for me. Which of the exercises we did are NOT a weakness for me? In which parameter was I NOT disadvantaged? My absolute worst exercises were all represented: muscle-ups (I have NONE and I did none), double-unders (I can HARDLY do them), pull-ups (messed up shoulders, weak upper body pulling muscles, and perpetually maxed and overstressed forearms make these tough for me)… hell I could list every last exercise type as a weakness for one reason or another. And to top it all off, all the weights were high, at or near my PRs, or beyond where I’d gone in the past.

But wait… that’s been the beauty of this experience. If there was anything redeeming about it it was doing everything as Rx’d. I’ve been running with the big dawgs, even if I came in near the end of the pack. Hell, I’m a 42 year old desk jockey college professor and father of two small kids. I was never much of a competitive athlete in any capacity. Just to be a part of this, then, says something about what I’m up to. Something.

I don’t need to qualify for regionals or beat 10,000 other CrossFitters nation wide. For me, training is all about making progress, as measured against myself, one PR at a time, 5 lbs at a time. And that’s what I intend to keep on doing regardless of how my work here compares to anybody else.

Let me know what you think...