1. Do you think that your weight gain and recent PRs are related? I’ve noticed that over the past few months you seem to be working harder in the gym. It appears to be paying off with the amount of weight you are putting up. In other words don’t sweat the change in body weight. PRs are harder to come by than weight loss. Keep up the great work.

  2. Amen Matt S! I totally agree. Yes, weight gain and PRs belong together; at least, I should say, weight gain + PR means an increase in muscle happening. But that doesn’t meant that unwanted fat mass hasn’t been accumulating too.

    Doesn’t matter really, cause it’s fully under control. In truth, it’s not so much the weight gain that I’ve been worried about, but the crap I was eating, and the way I was eating (and drinking) it, that worried me. But I’m back on dietary track and loving how it feels.

  3. Holy shit? Someone else is reading and commenting on this? You are the man Matt.

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