friday open sectionals WOD #5

Friday AM I wasn’t stoked for it, but I did open sectionals WOD #5. That’s a 20 minute AMRAP 5 x 145 lb power cleans, 10 toes to bar, 15 x 20 lb wall-balls. I only completed 4 full rounds, got in a 5th set of power cleans and 8 toes to bar, for a total of 4+13 or 133 points.

I like the fact that, until this past Wednesday, 145 lbs would have been +10 lbs over my power clean 5 rep max of record, although clearly, having completed 5 x 155 touch-n-go reps on Wednesday AM meant that I had, er… moved past… my previous 135 lb record. Anyway, completing 25 reps at 145 is more than I’ve ever done in a WOD. Gonna be sore for sure. 145 lbs is 93.5% of my current 5 rep max; so that is training for GROWTH. Hell yeah. I do appreciate the heavy lifting I’ve had to do in the open sectionals. And I also appreciate that I have done all the WODs as Rx’d, although, it must be added, I did not do any muscle-ups and I did so few double-unders that it’s laughable. Can you say: summer vacation goals?

I can barely complete a set of 10 toes to bar. First round I did 8 unbroken, then missed a number of attempts before I finished up. The entire workout, it seems, was spent with me trying to get my toes up to the bar. The issue is that I try not to kip too hard, cause I don’t want to screw up my left shoulder more than it is; neither do I want to tear my hands up.

Well, I managed to avoid any permanent harm. In fact, if anything, I felt better after the WOD than before… less pain in forearms and shoulders. And clean hands.

One more difficult competition WOD before I can cement my regional ranking somewhere around 780th out of 900, and 9200th out of 10000 or whatever it turns out I am overall.

I’m ready to be done with open sectionals! And back to training. “At least I am competing!” Hell yes.

In other (dietary) news I am being fairly good (not counting the peanut butter cookies I made with my daughter today or the drinks I’ll have later this weekend) and will probably be able to report a return to my fighting weight (183 lbs or so) sooner than I hoped; certainly by June 1st.

Let me know what you think...