my anabolism

Yeah, as in, I’ve been getting big. And not in a good way. I’m carrying soft tissue around the middle again.

As of Sunday, I was up to 193 1/2 lbs. I’ve gained 8-10 lbs, much of it unwanted. Some is surely lean mass, but mostly, it’s fat. That much should have been evident from last Sunday’s measurements, where I saw more than an inch added to my umbilical measurement, although my weigh-in number was not huge. I must have been dehydrated, cause I weighed six pounds more a week later.

The extra weight I’m carrying has been packed on through just a few weeks of unconscious, uncontrolled eating and drinking. It came from eating sugars, flours, and just, in general, too much food at all hours of the day and night.

The tools I will use to lose the excess are simple. Weigh in. Eat consciously. Eat mainly or even exclusively whole, unprocessed foods, and extremely limited grains, sugar, and alcohol. Balance macronutrients. (That means: plenty of protein, at least 1g per pound of lean mass per day, eaten along with plenty of fat, 0.5g-1g per pound of lean mass per day, and moderate carbs, around 0.5-.75g per pound of lean mass per day; i.e. at most about 2600 calories per day). Practice intermittent fasting daily. (That means: stop eating after dinner, and don’t eat again for 12-18 hours; for me, IF helps keep the system running properly).

The unwanted pounds came on quickly, but it will probably take me quite a while to slim down. I am looking for a Sunday weigh-in at under 185. I’ll report back. Stay tuned.

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