monday and wednesday workouts

Monday at CFA: Hang Snatch, C2B Pull-Ups, High Box Jumps, Wall Balls

I was at the 6:00 am class at CFA on Monday April 11th, and, while I didn’t accomplish anything brilliant, didn’t do anything in the way of new PRs or anything, I did my best and had fun working on that most difficult of lifts, the Hang Snatch.

Strength: double rounds of Hang Snatch sets of 2, alternating with C2B Pull-Ups sets of 3, at tempo. My pull-ups have atrophied almost beyond recognition. I got about 13 total reps. I did about 10 sets of 2 Hang Snatches, and didn’t push it very far. HS: 5 x 45 / 2 x 65 / 2 x 65 / 2 x 70 / 2 x 70 / 2 x 75 / 2 x 75 / 2 x 80 / 2 x 80 / 2 x 85 / 2 x 85 Pull-Ups: x3 / x3 / x3 / x3 / x1

WOD: AMRAP Partner WOD, one person works, the other holds a 53 lb kettlebell (!), I worked with Golder: 6 high box jumps at 35″ (!), 12 wall balls w/ 20″ medicine ball; result: exactly 5 rounds each. During my first set of box jumps I stumbled or missed or something and took a not very funny pratfall onto the rubber. Ouch. My shin hurt all day.

The next day I was much more sore than I thought I should be. Wow. In the weirdest places: my upper obliques, my triceps, my abs.

Wednesday at CFA: Open Sectionals WOD 4 Preparation

Early in the morning on Wednesday I woke up and checked my computer to see what the open sectionals workout #4 would be, and I almost crapped myself when I saw it. Then I looked at the CFA website and in truth I wasn’t very psyched when I saw what Shanna had planned for us.

But a few minutes later, I calmed down, and almost miraculously, felt my attitude flip right around. Like Corey was in my brain with his “fuck that.” And I knew I would go in, work on my damn ring dips, get a new 5 rep PR in the overhead squat, and then do about three minutes total work on power snatches and bar facing burpees. What’s the big deal? It’ll be fun. I told myself. And it was, so, heck yeah. Screw 10 minute AMRAPs with 60 bar-facing burpees, 30 overhead squats at 120, and 10 muscle-ups. What a joke.

Once I was there we did a warm-up and calisthenics, then:

Strength/Skill: Overhead Squats alternating with Ring Dips. I did only 4 sets here, but they were good. I worked with Matt Smith. NB: warm-up calisthenics included 10×45 OHS. 8 x 45 / 8 x 75 / 8 x 105 / 5 x 125 (PR). It felt good to get a new PR. Ring dips were as follows: x 1 / x 3 / x 3 / x 3. Nothing spectacular. I am a fracking weakling when it comes to upper body strength!

Workout: 3 rounds of 30s on 30s rest: Bar-Facing Burpees, Power Snatch. For the power snatch, the Rx was 70% of today’s OHS max, so I worked with 85 lbs. That weight turned out to be more than most people used. That’s either a boast, or an excuse, or both, or just a plain old fact. I’ll let you be the judge. exactly 8 reps per work period, 6 work periods, 48 reps total.

After this I felt great all day.

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