monday single support deadlifts and three amigos

I was in on Monday morning but the perennial left shoulder pain I’ve been experiencing was a limiting factor in both the Warm-Up (two reps of K2E and I was DONE) and in the WOD, and the strength portion was the dreaded single leg deadlift. Not my finest hour.

Single Support Deadlifts and Ring Rows

Alternating sets:

SSDs: 5 sets per leg at tempo 3211: @ 95 lbs: 6-6 / 5-5 / 5-5 / 3-3 / 3-3.

Ring Rows: 5 sets at tempo 41×2: 5 / 5 / 6 / 6 / 6.

Two minute rest between rounds.

I was lousy at the tempo, probably spending 50%-100% too long in the eccentric phases. Lousy at pacing myself through these things. Took rests that were too long.

We last did single support deadlift on Nov. 10th 2010 where I did a much more respectable progression up to 125 per leg. But today, the damn tempo was forcing me to keep more focused on form. How come my form felt worse, though? Maybe I just had a bad day.

WOD: “Three Amigos”

We last did the WOD “Three Amigos” on Dec. 1st, 2010.

This WOD consists of 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest, three rounds of: Ring Dips (red band assist), Overhead Squats (45# bar), Ball Slams (12 lb bouncing medicine ball). In December I clocked 170 reps, with an average number of dips of over 15 per round, an average number of OHS of over 16 per round, and an average number of Ball Slams of 25 per round.

This time around, Ring Dips (top line of picture) averaged just 11 per round. That damn shoulder was really acting up, getting super painful in the second and third rounds, but also preventing me from getting my 20 reps in the first round. Overhead squats felt awesome to me during the WOD but turned out to be just under the average I set last time, and the high number of reps I got in the final round last time (18) put my workmanlike 16-16-16 of this time to shame. Only in the Ball Slams did I see improvement, but not enough to make up the difference in scores: Ball Slam average this go round was closer to 27 than 26, and my high round of 28 beat my high round of 27 from last time. That is what I wanted to see throughout! Oh well. Can’t win them all. Total score: 161.

Shoulder Pain

I have to figure out what to do about my damn left shoulder. It sucks. The last time I explicitly complained of left shoulder pain was back near Thanksgiving, four months ago, but the truth is it’s been bugging me on and off this whole time. Mostly off. So when the pain is limiting, as it has been lately, that sucks. I had a brief flare up of pain in my right shoulder in December, but that seems to have gotten better on its own.

Back in October I had Corey help me with my left shoulder, and I was doing some light shoulder presses. That might be the key. I’m not sure. I’ll have to look into it and ask Corey what he thinks.

Let me know what you think...