friday lactate session: “Toxic”

I felt good about being at the 6:00 am WOD on Friday: 6 rounds of 90s max effort: 250m row, 10 x 72 lb. KB swings, max reps burpees. 4:30 rest between rounds. During rest periods we alternated between 5-6 reps of eccentric ring rows or ring dips.

fastest row: maybe sub 0:44; slowest row: about 0:50; highest number of burpees: 4 / lowest: 2.

Also, of course: about 18 ring rows and 18 ring dips.

I worked so hard during these 90s work intervals that I about messed myself, repeatedly.


  1. Matt, haven’t responded recently, but still reading. Keep it up, and try not to shit yourself.

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